Kristy Lee Cook pics: American Idol Video and pictures of Kristy Lee Cook.

Here are some pictures and videos of Kristy Lee Cook, the hot new singer who is a favorite to win American Idol.

 Kristy Lee Cook recently turned 24. According to her intro video, she loves horse training, kick boxing, and being in nature.  There’s a lot of buzz on the internet. A lot of young men apparently want to marry her, which suggests she leaves a pretty damn fine first impression.  She is generating a lot of interest on American Idol, starting with her very talented and heart felt tryout song, Amazing Grace.  Simon suggested she come in with more confidence next time, but they all really liked her voice and her vocal control.

Here are some pictures of Kristy Lee Cook, and her American Idol video from Youtube.

Kristy Lee Cook  Youtube American Idol try out Video

[youtube a74jElfFeaY nolink]


 Kristy Lee Cook picture 1


Kristy Lee Cook Picture 2



Kristy Lee Cook American Idol Photo Shoot


Kristy Lee Cook photo shoot pic 4



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  1. I don’t care what anybody says! She’s my #1.
    My God, what a charisma this girl has. And she’s beautifully perfect….Ok, I’m in love….

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