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Name Meaning Origin
Zaine Variant of Zane or John. English
Zair guest arabian
Zak Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English
Zakari Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English
Zakariyya a prophet’s name; meaning unknown arabic
Zakary Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English
Zaki smart arabic
Zaki Smart Arabic
Zakiy pure arabic
Zale power of the sea greek
Zameel friend, comrade arabian
Zander Abbreviation of Alexander. Protector. English
Zane Variant of John. American western writer Zane Grey. English
Zane Gift from God Hebrew
Zani Gift from God Hebrew
Zapotocky from beyond the brook czechoslovakian
Zarad Ambush Hebrew
Zared ambush hebrew
Zared Ambush Hebrew
Zarek God protect the king greek
Zavier “Bright, splendid.” Arabic
Zayit olive hebrew
Zayit Olive Hebrew
Zayne Variant of Zane or John. English
Zdenek follower of Saint Denys french
Zdenek Follower of Saint Denys French
Ze’ev Wolf Hebrew
Zebadiah gift from God hebrew
Zebadiah Gift from God Hebrew
Zebediah Gift from God Hebrew
Zebenjo Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "avoid sins." african
Zebulon from the dwelling place hebrew
Zebulon From the dwelling place Hebrew
Zebulun Habitation Hebrew
Zechariah Jehovah has remembered. Hebrew
Zedekiah God’s justice hebrew
Zedekiah God’s justice Hebrew
Zeeman sea man dutch
Zeke Abbreviation of Ezekiel. English
Zeke Abbreviation of Ezekiel. Hebrew
Zeki smart turkish
Zeleny green czechoslovakian
Zelig happy german
Zelig Happy German
Zelotes zealous greek
Zelus myth name greek
Zemariam “In Geez, an old Ethiopian language, the element Ze expresses a genitive case relationship meaning of the. Zemariam is, thus, to mean of /the/ or that of Mariam (Virgin Mary).” Geez
Zenas living greek
Zenon friendly greek
Zephan treasured by God hebrew
Zephan Treasured by God Hebrew
Zephaniah Treasured by God Hebrew
Zephyrus myth name greek
Zerbino legend name french
Zere Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "the seed of, the descendent of." african
Zero empty arabic
Zero Empty Arabic
Zeroun wise armenian
Zesiro Buganda of Uganda name meaning "first born of twins." african
Zetes myth name (son of Boreas) greek
Zethe Appointed. Variant of Seth. Hebrew
Zeus myth name greek
Zevulun habitation hebrew
Zevulun Habitation Hebrew
Zifa Ijaw of Niger name. Meaning unknown. african
Zigor punishes basque
Zimra song hebrew
Zimra Song Hebrew
Zion The presence of God. Alternate Spelling: Zhion. Hebrew
Zionah angel of the lord Unknown
Zioniah Unknown
Zipactonal harmonic light nahuatl
Ziv bright hebrew
Ziv Bright Hebrew
Ziyad super abundance arabic
Ziyan Ornamental. Arabic
Zohar sparkles hebrew
Zohar Sparkles Hebrew
Zola Xhosa of S. Africa name meaning "quietness." african
Zolin quail nahuatl
Zoltan life greek
Zoolal clear, pure, cool water arabian
Zorion happy basque
Zotikos meaning unknown greek
Zubair meaning unknown arabic
Zuberi Swahili name meaning "strong." african
Zuberi strong egyptian
Zuhair bright arabic
Zuhayr Sparkling Arabic
Zuka meaning unknown egyptian
Zulema peace:tranquility. Variant of Salome or Solomon. Arabic
Zuriel stone hebrew
Zuriel Stone Hebrew

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