$300 Fast cash advance payday loans still legal in California

$300 Fast Payday Loans and Cash Advance Loans are still available in Calfornia, after narrowly escaping death, according to a Los Angeles Times article on payday loans April 15, 2008. Assemblyman Dave Jones (D-Sacramento) wrote a bill to cap interest at 36% a year.   But industry executives and lobbyists said that a 36% rate — … Read more

What is Rick-rolling? Have you been rick-rolled? The latest strange Internet phenomena.

Have you been rick-rolled? Just what the hell is rick-rolling anyway? It’s a fascinating thing- which of the millions of internet small time fads will become a huge internet phenomena.  One of the latest crazes is Rick-rolling.  Rick rolling is when someone clicks on a link an interesting link and is surprised to have been … Read more

Fast payday loans can actually be a quick, smart way to avoid huge bank fees.

“Evil” Fast Payday loans can be a quick, smart way to avoid huge bank fees in an emergency. The Denver Post had a surprising article defending payday loans, that suggested we not be so fast to harshly judge those no credit check, no teletrack, instant payday loans you see advertised everywhere.  There’s been for a … Read more