Mark Twain: autobiography book and writings

THE INNOCENTS ABROAD, by Mark Twain [MT#37][mtinn10.txt]3176 Ancient painters never succeeded in denationalizing themselves Apocryphal New Testament Astonishing talent for seeing things that had already passed Bade our party a kind good-bye, and proceeded to count spoons Base flattery to call them immoral Bones of St Denis But it is an ill-wind that blows nobody … Read more

The Best of Mark Twain

THE GILDED AGE, by Twain and Warner [MT#39][mtgld10.txt]3178 Accidental murder resulting from justifiable insanity Always trying to build a house by beginning at the top Appropriation Beautiful credit! The foundation of modern society Believed it; because she desired to believe it Best intentions and the frailest resolution Big babies with beards Cheap sentiment and high … Read more