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FOLLOWING THE EQUATOR, by Mark Twain Against nature to take an interest in familiar things Age after age, the barren and meaningless process All life seems to be sacred except human life But there are liars everywhere this year Capacity must be shown (in other work); in the law, concealment of it will do Christmas [...]

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HADLEYBURG AND OTHER STORIES, by Mark Twain Appelles meets Zenobia, the helper of all who suffer, and tells her his story, which moves her pity. By common report she is endowed with more than earthly powers; and since he cannot have the boon of death, he appeals to her to drown his memory in forgetfulness [...]

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ESSAYS ON PAUL BOURGET, by Mark Twain [MT#34][mtpbg10.txt]3173 Bret Harte got his California and his Californians by unconscious absorption, and put both of them into his tales alive. But when he came from the Pacific to the Atlantic and tried to do Newport life from study- conscious observation–his failure was absolutely monumental. Newport is a [...]

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