Best water purifier: The Affordable AnyWater Portable Alkalizer Water Purifier

Water purifiers are becoming a must have, standard addition to more and more kitchens. But what kind to get? There are so many options! The answer depends on what you are looking for, but one of the fastest growing purifiers available is also one of the least expensive: AnyWater Portable Alkalizer. Like other water purifiers, [...]

Buy Tebow Broncos Jersey: Where to get an official NFL Tim Tebow Broncos Shirt ASAP

Looking to buy a Tebow Broncos Jersey? You aren’t the only one! Not long ago, few people expected Tim Tebow to be snapped up in the first few rounds of the NFL draft. And even fewer suspected the Broncos would grab him, since they already have some able, if not outstanding, quarterbacks. But now, Tebow [...]

Emoticons: A complete list of texting emoticons

SMILEY and EMOTICONS DICTIONARY OK I admit it. I Don’t know what most Smiley and texting emoticons mean. I just don’t speak the language. So I decided I better start learning. Here is a complete list of all the smiley emoticons commonly used in texting, IM chat, and facebook chat. Complete Smiley Text Emoticon Translation Dictionary: [...]

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