Wrecking Balm and other Tattoo Fading Creams: Do They Work?

Does wrecking Balm work?

Tattoo Fading Creams: Do Wrecking Balm, Tat B Gone and other Tattoo fading creams work?

There are lots of ads for Wrecking Balm, Tat B Gone and other tattoo removal creams.  They usually promise to greatly fade your tattoo in a matter of weeks.  What is their revolutionary system? 
Basically, the main ingredient of most of these creams is 1% hydroquinone, a skin whitener.  This is available at your local drug store.  If not used carefully, it can irritate skin and in extreme cases lead to scarring.  The other ingredient is an exfoliator spray, which is a mild dermabrasive also available in drugstores.  The final ingredient is multi-vitamins like E and A, which as you might not be shocked to find out, tend to be available in drugstores.

So,  a person can pay quite a bit more to get these things all together in one handy tattoo removable skin cream kit, or they can go to their local drugstore and get the same basic ingredients for about 1/10th the price.

The next question is though, are they worth getting? Do these tattoo fading cream systems work?  On various forums and blogs, etc. there were a variety of comments.  A majority reported little to no noticeable fading after several weeks.  But several- maybe 30% or so (?) did say they had noticeable fading, and some of those said it faded enough to be less noticeable and to be easily covered over with makeup or in a few cases it was mentioned that they covered it with another tattoo.
There were also a couple of responses of how amazingly thrilled they were with this amazing product, but to me it smelled a bit like spam that has been sitting out all day, and I wasn’t convinced they were authentic comments…

The bottom line is that there’s no question that laser tattoo removal is the most effective and dependable, but also more expensive.  Considering that most tattoo fading cream systems are between $125 and $225, and that’s for a few months supply, a very real question is would even one laser treatment possibly do more to help you fade your tattoo, for about the same price?  Again, one session of laser tattoo removal isn’t going to do THAT much, but indications are, it still might do more than the fading creams. 

Feel free to comment here on your own experience.

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  1. I’ve been using tattoo off for 3 months now and have seen little results. It is fading though and my tattoo is not that old. It’s also green & black so the people of tattoo off said it’d take awhile.

  2. I have 5 tattoos that i would like removed and am looking for alternatives to the laser because i am in no rush to undergo all that pain, from what ive heard. Anyway, I saw an ad for a cream online called Nuviderm, I understand its a TCA cream and gradually will fade the tattoo by destroying the layers of skin and replacing it with new skin, having a similar effect as a chemical peel. What I am wondering is has anybody actually tested this? Does it work? What intrigues me is the company actually has an 8-month money back guarantee. Thats really good. In my opinion, to have a guarantee like that it must work right? I would love to hear the opinions from people who have tried this product. Thanks

  3. hi,
    if somebody could give me some help on skin bleachers….could they help to fade a tattoo?? I only just had my tattoo done & my b/f hates it. I have managed to get some of the ink out by not covering it with cling film like I was told to do to seal it. Also the ingredients you menyioned above for creams, do you have to mix all those ingredients & at what ratio?

  4. Penny,
    I think YOU should hate it. Not your boyfriend.

    On a side note, I know Wrecking Balm does not work.

    I have heard good things about Tattoo-Off and Tat-b-gone but I do not know from personal experience if they work.

  5. You use the hydroquinine 2ce a day and a exfoliator scrub every 3 days…I have also heard that Niacin helps with the tat. removal process..
    not sure
    but give it a try

  6. You guys must do your research on hydroquinone. It causes cancer. So just live with the ink on your body. thank god tht you are still alive

  7. Shavon-
    hydroquinone is used to lighten the dark patches of skin. There has been no proof that it causes cancer. Mild irritation may occur or be more suseptable to sunlight.One can find information
    claiming that aspirin, milk, coffee and other seemingly innocuous
    items are harmful as well, and used incorrectly, they could be
    (Remember the McDonald?s hot coffee litigation?)!

  8. i am a licensed cosmetologist. Ive also done my research on hydroquinone. It is perfectly safe in regular doses. It has been bannend in a few european countries due to unreasonably high percentages being put into creams and people using it for years. Proactiv even temporarily pulleld their skin lightening lotion w only a 2% to really research the issue. They rereleased it without needing to change the formula. So the general consensus on the subject is to use a microderm session then skin lightening cream?

  9. Responding to Brandon – Nuviderm has a 6 month guarantee and it does work, but you need to follow instructions.

  10. I was interested in tat removal as well, and did some research on hydroquinone. It seems so bad, like causing leukemia in the test rats, plus it might cause cancer, scar the skin. Why take the risk? I’m just going to have to live with my mistakes, or find a good tattoo to cover it.

    I also thought Wrecking Balm was FDA approved, but if you look further into their site, ONLY the exfoliating device is FDA approved, not the stuff you put on your skin. Misleading…

  11. I have had three tat laser removal sessions. That is $750.00 with visible fading, but I will need about three more sessions. Even if creams don’t do as good a job, they are still cheaper.

  12. well i just bought wrecking balm like 3 months ago.. how everi herd over and over andover again even from my husband that it doesnt work. well it does. i found myown method that it tells you not to apply erosion head more than 45 second maximum a minute. well i did. i did it for 10 mintues and yeah my skin had to get used to the ruff ness of the erosion head but after a while it faded

  13. I have used Nuviderm and it does work but you need to follow instructions. It took about 5 treatments before I really noticed a big difference and by about the 10th time the tattoo was so faded no one noticed it unless I pointed out the location.

  14. please someone let me know if wrecking balm really works… iam really scared it may damagged my skin…

  15. Tat B Gone told me there was no skin bleacher in their product and it was made in an FDA approved lab. I bought it and have been using for nearly 5 months. At first I thought I was using it wrong so I contacted them for my explicit directions. Instead of the recommended twice a day application, I apply 3 times a day and have been noticing results. I was concerned that it would irritate me skin; no allergic reactions but it seems to bleed over so about half an inch outside the tattoo, the skin has really lightened up. I can handle that if my tattoo continues to fade. Even if it doesn’t disappear completely (and I don’t think it will) I’m pleased that it has faded so much and I can easily cover it with tattoo cover-up when I need to.

  16. Has anyone visited the Skin Health Association? They claim they are an independent, tattoo removal cream organization and they rate all the fade-away creams on the market. It looks like a set-up by TAT-Med, the same cream that was ranked #1 on the website! I’d never heard of them before and after looking at their ingredients I know why: plankton, seaweed, algae extract, distilled water? Sounds like bull$#it to me. Definitely would not buy from those guys. Here’s a link to their hype website and ingredients.

  17. Thanks for pointing that website out to us Dan. I checked it out also and it does look pretty fake! Would be skeptical of those self-promoting website. I ordered the 2 month supply of Tat B Gone after a friend of mine had good results using it. His tat really faded out and is barely visible now. Will let ya’ll know how it goes!

  18. Wrecking Balm didn’t work for me. Just a lot of money and false hopes. Might try another fading cream out, laser cost too much.

  19. Hello, i made a tattoo about 5 month ago and i want to remove it. could anyone could advice me the best tat remover cream? that could actually remove it. and how long it could take to remove it with those creams? how much they cost about and where can i buy the except in internet, is there any store?

  20. I’ve never heard about nuviderm but I love how they have the 6 month money back guarantee. I think I’ll give it a try. I’ve tried using a Tat B Gone for 3 months before but didn’t really see results… I did slack off a bit towards the end but hopefully nuviderm might do magic. Will post results in the future ! Thanks.

  21. I applied my first application of nuviderm yesterday. I started with a 17% solution TCA then decided to go with a 25% solution because it didn’t frost much.

    The tattoo I applied the solution to was one that covers most of my left arm. Nuviderm says not to treat areas larger than 3 square inch but I did it anyway and it wasn’t too bad.

    Now the applied area is a very gross looking dark purple color. Will give you guys an update if anyone is interested :)

  22. please keep updated. i want to know if i should try i have three small stars, that are F****** up.. i know how do you f*** up stars?? lol

  23. The Dr Max Powers Scar Cream fades dark spots for even, natural skin tone.

    I started using his Scar Cream several months ago. I had had a brown spot removed from my neck by a dermatologist and it didn’t ever fade after it healed. Giving the area plenty of time to fade on it’s own, I started using the Dr Max Powers Scar treatment every day and noticed a difference in about 3 weeks.

    It takes only a very small amount so I still have the original tube and it’s still half full. I use it every morning under my moisterizer and every night right before applying my night moisterizer. Now no one can see the spot but me.

  24. I know a GREAT cover up for tattoos! It’s called DERMABLEND….People that have facial pigment problems, burns etc usually use it. Once applied….it lasts 16 hours without coming off!

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