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Amazing Robot Dog youtube video: Big Dog climbs, jumps, holds 340 pounds and never falls.

It’s not that often I’m completely amazed by technology, but this youtube video did it.  This 235 pound robot dog built by Boston Dynamics can hold 340 pounds, and has 4 amazingly limber and reactive legs that never fall down, even on steep slippery slopes, a rocky dry river bed, solid slippery ice, or climbing over  a pile of cement bricks.

It doesn’t look much like a dog to me. More like the legs of a deer.  It’s easy to see how helpful it could be helping carry heavy loads or maybe even an injured person? in rough terrain.  If only the noise wasn’t quite so irritating- like a giant fly.  Not the most attractive or cute robot dog either. But I get the feeling that wasn’t the point.

 Absolutely amazing robot dog youtube video of “Big Dog”.

[youtube W1czBcnX1Ww nolink]