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Daily Quick Break: February 28, 2008: Funny Madonna Interview Translation from Budapest’s Blikk Newspaper

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An Interview with Madonna which was translated from Budapest’s Blikk Newspaper:

When the Evita production company came to Budapest, Madonna,had an interview with the Budapest newspaper Blikk. The questions were posed in Hungarian, then translated into English for Madonna, whose replies were then translated back into Hungarian for the paper’s exclusive.

Soon after, at the request of USA Today, Madonna’s comments were then retranslated from Hungarian back into English for the benefit of that paper’s readers.

The end result is far from the original but much funnier. “I am a woman and not a test-mouse!” The translations have Madonna exclaim.

This is a complete transcript, verbatim.

Blikk: Madonna, Budapest says hello with arms that are spread-eagled. Did you have a visit here that was agreeable? Are you in good odor? You are the
biggest fan of our young people who hear your musical productions and like to move their bodies in response.

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