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Melissa Antinora Behel: Find lost friends: Melissa Behel: Cheri Spencer is looking for you!

 Hi. I am looking for a friend from high school. Her name was Melissa Antinora. From research that I have done I think that when she got married and she took the last name of Behel. She is 31 now and I believe that she just had that birthday in Jan/08. I know that I can find like 23 addresses for her from Flordia to Alabama. I knew her when she lived in Pennsylvania and New York. Then I know that she took off to Florida around 1997. If anyone know of her or where I can find her please help me out!!!!
Thank you….Cheri

Cheri Spencer:   myspencer3  @

Find Lost Friends Online Free: If you comment some information about who you are searching for, and what would pick them out of a crowd with the same name, will try to publish your comment on it’s own page, because it’s likely that if the person google’s themself, they will find your note.

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Ryan Ross Denver Colorado

Hey Ryan Ross, from Denver Colorado- If you worked in sales at a very fine business (not so much) that is now long gone, and if you got published in a popular magazine, I’ve tried to find you online and in the book a few times but failed.  I’d love to catch up, so send me an email if you stumble on this.

 Your old buddy, Bryant

email me at  mail @

(If you wanna make a message page for an old lost friend, email friendfind (at) with a short message like this)

Find Old Friends Online the Easy Way: Lost Friend Message Pages

So you’ve probably seen the membership sites for finding old lost friends online. The problem is that you’ll only find old friends if they happen to join the same site, and there are several of them.

Here is a different approach.  The Lost Friend Message Pages.

People love to google themselves, and to see what they find.   They are searching for pages that have their name. 

A site with a lot of links to it, that has a page titled with their name is likely to come up very high in the search engines.   If you have a small blog with just a few in links,  a page mentioning your friend isn’t likely to be in the top 10 (or maybe even the top 100) pages for that name.  If you’ve got a more “powerful” site, you can give it a try. 

 Or, we just might be able to get a simple message to your friend, with it’s on page,  in this new “Find Old Friends” section of  I may automate the process soon, but for now, just send a short sentence or up to a paragraph, with your friend’s name, and any other info you want to include, so that if there are several people with that name, they will know if it’s them or not (the city and state, how you know them, etc.)  And then include your email address (to keep spam engines away, I suggest breaking up the email address with parenthesis.  Like this:   findfriends (at)

So give it a try if you like.  They’ll be pleased and surprised to see your message waiting for them when they are googling themselves :) 


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