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youtube video of flying suit wing suite parachute base jumping. AMAZING

This is definitely one of the most amazing youtube videos I have ever seen. Thrilling, incredible and death defying.  This is a video of some of the best BASE jumpers in the world, who are at the leading edge of using flying suits or wing suits to not literally fly.  These base jumpers have perfect control of their flight, and can reach out and touch a cliff wall as they fly and free fall at around 100 miles an hour.  One of them even comes inches from a highway wall, flying buy only a couple of feet above the mountain slope.  Breath taking!  In another shot, three flying suit base jumpers jump run and jump off a cliff. I can’t imagine.  I had the thought- oh I’d love to try that. but um, no thanks…

Check out this youtube video of these BASE jumping flying suit (or wing suit) parachute dare devils.

 [youtube _F9RJSPnf8A nolink]

Guy jumps out of plane without a parachute! Youtube video of Travis Pastrana parachute jump

This is pretty jaw dropping amazing. I can’t imagine jumping out of an airplane WITH a parachute. In this youtube video of parachuting, this dude, Travis Pastrana, jumps out of a plane with NO parachute!
Then two buddies catch him, and strap a parachute on him. Absolutely amazing video and pretty crazy and gutsy. I can’t quite decide if it was stupid, or if they know what they are doing so well, such expert parachutests, that there really was no real chance they would fail… Maybe both.

So, here’s the youtube video of Travis Pastrana jumping out a plane without a parachute! (or even a shirt).

[youtube lDBrdl2sZWs nolink]