Scary True Ghost Stories: Share your scary ghost stories and read others.


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Here is my scary but true Ghost story. I promise that this is a true story, not exaggerated or stretched in any way. I lived it with my friends, saw their stress and anxiety, (and their dog’s) and watched them go through it.


A few years ago, two friends of mine, who were living together, moved into a 100+ year old house in the small mountain town where we all worked.  The rent was cheap, and it was one of the few places in the town that was available.  A classic, yellow Victorian house.  After being there a week, two things dawned on them. One was, for some reason, they hadn’t bothered to sleep upstairs in the bedroom yet. They were sleeping on the floor in the living room, and hadn’t really questioned it or thought about it.  The second thing was that their dog would never go up the stairs, and would sometimes stare and sniff and pace at the bottom of the stairs, barking at the landing and window that were halfway up the stairs.  So the evening they realized this, they decided to sleep upstairs, but couldn’t bring themselves to do it. They weren’t scared or uncomfortable in the house- but they also just somehow wouldn’t go upstairs, especially at night.  They had a mutual friend of ours being incense and smudge the house, letting the sage smoke waft through every room.  But that didn’t seem to help.


After they had been there a few weeks, and were still sleeping downstairs, a neighbor introduced himself.  “So it’s just the three of you in the house?”, he asked. “Three of us? There’s just the two of us”, said one of my friends.
“Well, maybe one of your grandmothers has been visiting?”
“No. What did you see?

 “Almost every night, when your staircase light is on, I see an old woman, rocking and looking out the window. You guys are pulling my leg. There’s an old women living in there, and you know it.”

My friends stayed at a friend’s house that night, and moved out two days later.



Do you have a good scary but true ghost story?



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  1. erm i am still here and i still thing nothng is true. the only thing hat scares me is y u guys think that ghosts r real.

  2. OMG!!!! iv just seen blouddy mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. some of them are ok and some are
    just plain retarded exspecially the
    onw with the teddy bear ripping of her
    face it was dumb sorry

  4. i was only 4 years old when i started seeing my “imaginary friend” my parents and relatives thought i was weird because i started to talk to myself ….. i didn’t see him clearly but mom and i used to share 1 room . my mom went to buy groceries so i was left alone… i heard a calm voice at the right side of my ears . 1st i was afraid when he told me that he died in cancer. i remember what my mom used to say to me that if a ghost comes to you dont be afraid coz they chose you to help them . i said ” okay i’ll be youre friend if you want ! ” he smiled at me .but…….because of him i didnt have friends !the told me im wierd ,but it was okay for me hehehe we spent time outside my house and played together ! A dog suddenly appeared in front of me w/ rabies ! The it looks like its goin to bite me ! he suddenly ran in front of me to protect me the dog ran away ..for two years together i was really happy ! he said to me ” i guess this is enough for me …… hey black rose(not my real name ) i like you!!! ” i told him i like you too we were in a rooftop he he! suddenly a bright light struck him and i saw his real face he has blackhair brown eyes and taller than me about 10 inches taller than me and he was really handsome ! after that he said goodbye and he disappeared in front of me ….. i cried and said goodbye to him after he left….. when i was in 5th grade i saw a boy exactly like him !!b he has the same voice and looks ( i transfferd schools ) and he was in 6th grade he looked at me and smiled “hi blackrose !!i came to see ya !you looked prettier now ! bye !!! he said h-heywait wat youre name !? i said to him . “Elric!” he wave his hand and went downstairs “are we going to see eachother again !? ” i said to him he said maybe….maybenot ! he suddenly disappeared i just smiled and went to the classroom ( hehehe the teacher was busy so i had time to go in ! ) now im in 6th grade

  5. Well you know what i think.most of the people who said that some of this stories are fake(when they cant even prove it),they are very sacred of the stories so they are just trying to comfort themselves and remove their fright by annoying others.And does any one notice what i am noticing most of the haunted houses i know are storey buildings i mean MOST i have some ghost storys too but im freak’ng tired now no time 4 that.and small girls are mostly involved.BEWARE!

  6. THis is true i was sitting on my bed with my laptop and cat Ariel with a closed door when suddenly my cat started starring into the mirror and not moving so i called her and she didnt move so i came closer to her and when i approached i realized she sees something i dont see and when i came so close to her i looked in the mirorr and screamed because in the mirorr i saw that the door was opened though when i turned but the door was closed . So after a while it was midnight and my parents and brother were asleep but not me i couldnt fall asleep so i turned on the lights but they werent turning on and im really scared of the dark so i hid under my covers and tried to think about good stuff butit just didnt work .suddenly my coversflew off y bed and off me i screamed my mother came running and i told her what happened she said it was probably a dream but i knew it wasnt a dream.

  7. one day, my friends took me and my other fiend called hunter and paris into this deserted house.Hunter saw a ghost on the top top top floor and had blackish and redish eyes and wearing a reaper dress and had pointy teeth and a black pidgin on her shoulder . she was using actions and mouthing words like this: GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!! then she disappeared into the smoke….. Hunter is age 7 and savannah is age 10 and paris is age 9.

  8. I was living in kentucky in an o;d farm house.The first nite there was ok,but that changed very fast!I was sitting at the kitchen table with my friend when i heard footsteps going down the stairs from the bedroom upstairs.I really did not think they were footsteps till i heard it repeat the next nite ,but this time i was by myself.Iwalked to the bottom of the stairs and saw a woman like figure at the top!I have heard things before but never actually seen something before .I turned to get out of there but i thought this is just another person like me.So,i turned to face her once more but she was gone.For the next three years i lived in that house with coffee smells coming from the kitchen,water turning on and off.The day before i moved out i told the spirit it could come with me to michigan,and she did!I call her miss lady.believe it or not.The next time you feel that cold chill on a hot summer day,say hello and a how do you do.

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