Riddles 48

Life Disappears

You get many of me, but never enough.
After the last one, your life soon will snuff.
You may have one of me but one day a year,
When the last one is gone, your life disappears.What am I?

Your birthday.

Afraid To Go Home

He was afraid to go home because of the man in the mask.
Who is the man in the mask?

The man in the mask is the catcher.

Father’s Child

A father’s child, a mother’s child, yet no one’s son.
Who am I?

The daughter.

Wiggle At Will

I have four of these,
With matching extremities.
They can do many things,
And hardly ever bring me pain.
Unless I stick them with a pin,
Or burn them sometimes when…
What is it that I can wiggle at will?
And use in other means still?


Steady and Strong

Stronger than any beast,
Rougher than any sea.
Steadier than a favorable wind,
and of me none shall be free.
What am I?

I am Earth.

Twenty Houses

If you counted 20 houses going to school, and then 20 houses on the left, going home, how many houses have you counted?

20. They’re the same houses going back.

Cannot Be Worn

What dress does everyone have, but no one wears?

An address.

Heads and Tails

What has fifty heads and fifty tails?

Fifty pennies.

Sleeping Bull

What is a sleeping bull called?

A bull dozer.

Hiding Everywhere

I’m hiding in the air,
I’m hiding everywhere.
Under your bed,
In your cupboard,
I’m hiding everywhere.What am I?


All Freezes

I have three eyes, all in a line.
When the red one opens, all freezes.What am I?

Traffic light.

Autumnal Tone

Make me thy lyre, even as the forests are.
What if my leaves fell like its own —
The tumult of thy mighty harmonies
Will take from both a deep autumnal tone.

The west wind.

No License

A woman with no driver license goes the wrong way on a one-way street and turns left at a corner with a ‘no left’ turn sign. A policeman sees her but does nothing. Why?

She’s walking.

Cuts The Wind

The sharp slim blade, that cuts the wind.What is it?

A blade of grass.


Adored by few,
Feared and hated by many.
Mistress of the entire universal reason,
Master in the art of numbers.
Some may have solved many of your mysteries,
But there still much of them to find.
What are they?



Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
In mystic force and magic spelling
Celestial sprites elucidate
All my own striving can’t relate.
What am I?


In Water

What can you see in water, but never gets wet?

A reflection.

Plane Crash

A plane crashed and every single person on board this flight were killed, yet, there were survivors. Explain how?

The married people lived; the singles died.


I’m always in charge,
I’m never in debt.
I’m known as the first amongst all my kind.
I’m found within cars,
But never in buses.
I’m not used in Mexico, I’m used in Palestine.What am I?

The letter ‘a.’


I can kill people, but without me there would be no people.
I was born long ago and will someday die.
I can cause fire and am a magician with water.
I have more brothers than any person.
There is very little that can stop me.What am I?

A celestial body.

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  1. i got a riddle a blue house is made of blue bricks a red house is made of red bricks an orange house is made of orange bricks so what is a green house made of

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