Submit your own poems and limericks for the 2008 Political Race!

As the 2008 Presidential race heats up, this page is for anyone who wants to submit through the comment section their own poems or limericks about Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul or maybe even Michael Bloomberg, or about the Presidential race or politics in general.

Here’s one to get things started:

 January 10, 2007

Hillary has a Heart

Poor Hillary Clinton- her campaign was toast.
Obama won Iowa, and had started to boast.

She fought back hard, but the polls said “Too Late”
It was time to resign- it was already fate.

Obama was King- The coronation was now 
The campaign was over before it started somehow.

But under all that pressure, Hillary’s armor, it cracked
Too subtle and too late for the polsters to track

The pundits said her campaign just fell apart.
But her ace up her sleeve was a glimpse of her heart.

Add your political poems about the 2008 Presidential Race or poetry about anything political.

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14 thoughts on “Submit your own poems and limericks for the 2008 Political Race!”

  1. Thats Unlucky

    The democratic primary is full of drama
    With a candidate named Hillary and one named Obama
    It will be a sin
    if the Clinton did win
    Too bad the other name rhymes with Osama

  2. Lets talk ’bout this man named Obama
    Who is creating all kinds of high Drama
    He has overtaken the Queen
    Now its turn for McCain
    To see who is top banana

  3. Oh, what do we do with Huckabee
    So badly President he wants to be
    For it’s just a plain fact
    He trusts miracles not math
    If nothing else, he’ll settle for VP

  4. A race most unique in our history
    A two-for-one candidate named Billary
    Age and experience is Tragic
    When competing with Magic
    Super Tuesdays been making ‘em jittery

  5. Long live the senator from New York
    She’s in a fight of her life with Barack
    With her bag full of tricks
    The economy she’ll fix
    And get the soldiers out of Iraq

  6. There once was a fella named Huck
    Who knew he was sh*t outta Luck
    Yet try as they might
    He wouldn’t quit the fight
    As long as he still had a Buck

  7. The Kitchen Sink strategy’s working
    In the polls, Barack has been slipping
    He’ll win Mississippi
    But will he be shaky
    When Pennsylvania comes a calling

  8. There once was a boy named Jeb
    Whose brother was born braindead
    The doctor admitted
    That he should be committed
    But they sent him to Washington instead


    Fresh Peanuts…Popcorn…Crackerjacks…

    just step right up folks… get the facts.
    In the big tent… grandstand seating…
    three headliners all competing.
    Big cats …each one a sensation…
    racing toward the nomination.
    Come on inside and watch them fling …
    inflated hats into the ring.
    And In the spotlight…John McCain…
    who’s joining us from his campaign
    He’s Sorting out the myth from fact…
    behold his wild balancing act.
    “Hey Iraq…we’re gonna fight ‘em…
    troops will stay…ad infinitum”.
    Look on my right and you will see…
    the tightrope walker…“Hillary”
    See how the snipers burst and flare…
    as she goes flying through the air.
    With death defying speed and skill…
    she leaps into the arms of Bill.
    With a past both grand and tragic…
    watch Obama weave his magic.
    You won’t believe…you’ll stand and cheer
    he’ll make the Reverend disappear!
    And “Right” before your very eyes…
    he’s got the power to hypnotize.
    As a side show…for good measure…
    Nader’s here…just for your pleasure…
    toothless tiger…but still cunning…
    once again old Ralph is running.
    Now that you’ve seen what they’ve displayed…
    come join us for the big parade.
    Laugh with the clowns and hear their chants…
    see donkeys chase the elephants.
    In this year’s race…which type can win…
    to plead their case with hype and spin.
    Well folks…you got your money’s worth
    you’ve seen the greatest show on earth!

    Sue Goldstone

  10. There once was a gent named Obama.
    He rode through town on a llama.
    On buying some gas,
    he took a pass.
    Just to create more drama.

    There once was a chap named McCain.
    For president he did campaign.
    His opponnent Obama
    always rode his llama.
    Aren’t these candidates insane?

    There once was a president named Bush.
    Sadam Hosane he did smush.
    He started war.
    and unlike before,
    the economy was soon turned to mush!

  11. I am American…

    I live life to the fullest…

    I work like a dog…

    I help my neighbor…

    I love like there is no tomorrow….

    I try to be honest….


    I die.

    I am American….

    I believe in Faith and God

    I believe in Freedom

    I believe in People

    I believe in this Country.

    I believe in our forefathers who fought to get us here…..

    I am American….

    I have to trust our Government

    I have to trust my family

    I have to trust Justice

    I am American…..


    America is falling…

    I am American….


    people are selfish and greedy here….

    I am American…..


    our government is dirty to the core….on both sides….

    I am American…..


    everybody wants a FREE ride….

    nobody wants to earn it anymore…..

    I am American…..


    where are all of the other Americans?

    When Katrina hit….

    When Ike hit…..

    When our leaders have betrayed us…..

    When we have sent thousands of our children into a lie…….

    I am American…..


    who will stand with me to defend her against the enemy within….

    against the liars who just want to be seen……

    against the leaders who have deceived us….

    against the liars that want to screw us again….

    I am American…..


    I can’t do it alone…..

    I need to see common sense come back to us…..

    I know there are others who see…..

    I am American……

    I want America to live……

    I want our families to prosper…..

    I want truth to be the leader…..

    I want a United America not a Divided One…..

    I am American……

    Are you?

  12. This Wee I Shook the Hand of a Man

    This week, I shook the hand of a man, just a man, and only a man

    who was benevolent, admirable, & righteous

    This week, I shook the hand of a man, just a man, and only a man

    who was articulate, committed, & knowledgeable

    This week, I shook the hand of a man, just a man, and only a man

    who was open, brilliant & authentic

    This week, I shook the hand of a man, just a man, and only a man
    who was moral & audacious

    This week, I shook the hand of a man, just a man, and only a man.

    Yet, I was inspired to believe ~ if it be God’s Will ~ that this

    benevolent, admirable, righteous, articulate, committed, knowledgeable, open, brilliant, authentic, moral, audacious
    Man, who is just a man, and only a man could be the catalyst for Change.

    Written by SjP of Sojourner’s Place

  13. politics, bailouts, a meltdown on the way
    media in obama’s pocket, it’s clearer everyday

    people down on mainstreet have no faith at all
    in pelosi, frank, and reid who should be thrown out of the hall

    700 billion – a few bucks dedicated to the average Joe
    the rest will go right back to the crooks who started this whole show

    responsibility and accountability are nonexistent on the hill
    anything to get re-elected, let the taxpayer cover the bill

    obama tied to every shady and dangerous leftist freak
    and mccain not exposing the democrat’s trash is making him look weak

    loud mouth biden on the trail while palin has appeal
    the media just can’t understand a candidate who’s real

    if mccain gets to the white house he’ll have tons of work to do
    if it is obama he’ll be spending over 800 billion – paid by me and you

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