5 Reason Obama Won’t be Hillary Clinton’s Vice President. Will Joe Biden be her VP?

Here are the top 5 reasons Obama will NOT be chosen as Hillary’s vice president:

There is starting to be some talk about good vice president matches for the candidates.  Some are asking, how about Obama for Hillary’s VP, if she gets the nomination? That simply will not happen. Here are 5 reason’s why.

1. They don’t offer enough variety in the ticket.  He would be considered too liberal to balance the ticket and offer more to less left leaning democrats, independents and even republicans.

2. It might have been possible, 4 months ago, if Hillary was so far ahead that the two avoided going head to head much.  At this point they will be going after each other for the next weeks, making it less likely with each passing day they could patch things up and suddenly work with the person they claimed was so much less qualified.

3. Hillary has been saying Obama isn’t qualified, and will keep saying that.  She can’t have a VP she has said 200 times isn’t qualified.

4. Even though Hillary is in some ways an experienced party elder, in other ways, she isn’t. She needs to have on her ticket the wise elder. Possibly Joe Biden, for vice president.  Someone with more experience and more hard, solid foreign affairs experience.

5. Obama has said very clearly he won’t consider it. Most candidates declare this and then reconsider if asked, but in his case, it’s not likely.  He said in an MTV Myspace dialogue:  “No, I’m not running for vice president, I’m running for president of the United States.”  Can anyone really picture him being happy for 8 years following her lead?
So, there are quite a few scenarios of how this could play out. But Obama being Hillary’s VP is one of the least likely. Especially after weeks of attacking each other.  Who will be Hillary Clinton’s VP, if she gets the nomination?  I think Joe Biden.  John Edwards is also too liberal and inexperienced, and has been there done that.  Al Gore- He wouldn’t even consider it. Been there done that as well, even more so. He actually had the job for 8 years.  He’s had a Clinton for a boss long enough!  How about Bill Richardson? Absolutely qualified. But he never has had a high enthusiasm factor. He or Biden will be Secretary of State.  No, it will be Biden. Solid, liked, dependable, proven.

Whether it’s Obama, Hillary, or by some miracle, John Edwards, Joe Biden is the man for VP. 

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