Hillary Clinton’s Laugh (“Cackle”) well-practiced spontaneity

I’m not anti-Hillary. But like many others, I feel that what she is missing is genuine authenticity and heart.  There has been much discussion lately about her recently appearing laugh, or “cackle”.  Some have said it is geninue, but most see it as a deliberate and measured way of deflecting sensitive questions.  What is concerning to me is that she has laughed herself into a corner.  If she continues as she has, the laugh-lash- a backlash towards her laughs- will grow, as the obvious contrivedness of her laughter becomes undeniable.  But if she self-corrects, and pulls back on her laugh, the contrivedness will be even MORE obvious.  It’s quite strange and rare for someone to have a hearty laugh for three weeks, and then have it mysteriously disappear as quickly as it arrived.

I can’t help but imagine a conversation with her PR handlers, in which they actually practiced the laugh, attempting to land it somewhere between completely ineffective and Howard Dean’s jump the shark moment.  It takes some practice to perfect the appearance of spontaneity, and even when perfected, it still leaves the unpleasant stench of posturing and deliberateness.  

I think Hillary Clinton is very likely to become President. I think she may do a fine job.  I do wish for her a growing trust in her own genuineness.  As Jon Stewart recently suggested on the Daily Show, she comes across as a far too contriving robot, disconnected from her genuine heart.  There are growing numbers of voters who long for an authentic candidate, and who actually value being true to yourself more than saying and doing the most Poll-supportive thing.

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