Movie Quotes from Bad Company: Quotes from the movie Bad Company


1) There are two things you need to do.
2) Would one of them be shiting my pants.

1) Where are you?
2) The corner of Eat Shit and Fuck You.

1) Why’d you take me here? Who the hell are you!
2)Were with the CIA
1)Oh I see, ya’ll shot someone and now you need a suspect

1)Dont shoot the bomb, you fool!
2) Dont shoot me either!!!

1)Where are You?
2)At the corner of eat shit and fuck you.

A: Wake up, it is 5 am ( throws water in Jake’s face)( but their is nobody on the bed)
J: no, it is 5:01 am ( throws water in A’s face)

Does this play DVD?

Dont go dissappearing on me again Michael

Gaylord Oakes: They put a transponder chip in the phone they gave you that tells them everywhere you went in the last two weeks. Which is why we switched the chips, so it wouldn’t tell them you went to Langley.
Jake Hayes: And what if you hadn’t?
Gaylord Oakes: They’d have shot both of us in the head. I’m feeling hungry, how about you?

Get in the car bitch!!!

Hand me that umbrella so I can hit you again.

Hello, big time tickets, how can I help you? Front row Knicks! are you kiddin, the kninck always sell out, and tonite there playin the lakers! Wait, one second.
Hello, big time tickets, how can I help you? Lion King? UhUn,no, I dont do that. I can hook you up with some Knicks tickets though?

I have a question, if my brother was so smart, then why is he DEAD???

I just want to go home and watch OPRAH!

I used to lick stamps for food.

I’m going to do this. Then you’re going to do this. Then I’m going to do this. Now you’re going to want to do this, but I’m going to do this. And when you’re thinking about doing this, I’m going to do this. And then the game is over. So what say you give me twenty dollars and we save twenty minutes?

I’m gonna beat your ass so bad, you’ll be the only guy in Heaven with a wheel-chair.

I’m supposed to put up with your shit ’cause you’re a spy? Big deal! Every woman on the planet’s a spy! Man, you guys can’t even find Saddam Hussein. If you told a woman, right now at 8:00 in the morning that her husband was sleeping with Saddam Hussein, she’d be able to find Saddam by 8:00 that night, and say Saddam, don’t you ever come around my house no more!

If it breathes, it dies!

Jake Hayes: If you stayed on top of things, you’d understand that the traditional checks are not 100% fool-proof. This last test was designed by the head of nuclear science at Caltech, a Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre, along with Dr. Irving and Professor Griffin and the rest of the Wu Tang Clan, know that it is best when you have a baseline screen situation to achieve a pulsopular cataclysmic calibration or something we like to call the Shaq Attack.
Michelle Petrov: Shaq Attack?
Jake Hayes: Yes, named after Dr. O’Neal of Los Angeles, formerly of Orlando.

Jake Hayes: You guys still there?
Gaylord Oakes: Yes, Mr. Hayes we’re still here.
Jake Hayes: And you’ve got guns, right?
Gaylord Oakes: Yes, we have guns.
Jake Hayes: With bullets, right?
Gaylord Oakes: Mmm-hmm, lots of bullets.

Jake Heyes about his brother’s girlfriend: What the hell would he wanna have a disagreement with HER fine ass for?

So that’s how this job is. Even if they don’t shoot you, they take your life.

The world’s formost assassin?!!….. that’s like the *Tiger Woods* of murder!

We were so poor, we used to lick stamps for supper

What just happened? They woke me up! Ok how many of them were there? I told you they woke me up! Look i knew it was swanson cuz i could feel her tits in my back. I knew it was ****** because i stole his wallet. and i knew it was seal cuz i stole his wallet!

Whenever I see numbers, I covert them into chess moves or ticket seats at the Garden, it’s the only way I can remember!

You better act right before you get smacked right, Bitch!!!

You got the wrong guy. I don’t even have a brother. That’s just a picture of me in a suit. You could’ve got that off the internet. I saw a picture of Bill Gates with three titties on the net.

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Movie Quotes from Bad Boys II: Quotes from the movie Bad Boys II

(ending scenes) 1. Hey, Syd, Mike says you ain’t shit! 2. Now why would you spout off some crazy shit like that?

(pointing gun at redgie) move nigga get out the way, see you on the highway, get the fuck out of MY way

–Did you see that?
–They’re throwing cars at us. How could I not see that?

–Is this still Plan B?
–No, this is definitely Plan C!

–What are you? A cop or a model?
–Hey, don’t hate the player. Hate the game.
–I hate the tailor.

-Mike your like an enigma
-Yeah i could see that

1) Wanna see his gun? Bang bang *gun goes off* Oops sorry 2) Fuckin bitches!

1. Dead suspects can’t say shit. 2. Well, it seems like live suspects can’t say shit either.

1. Is this still Plan B? 2. No, this is DEFINITELY Plan C!

1. THAT shit is funny! 2.(thrashing around and screaming) Thirty-nine hundred dollars! Thirty-nine hundred!

1. Wait! What…What…What are you doin, man? 2. That’s my bad. 1. Shoot outside!

1. We’re not Immigration! 2.(angrily) They can’t hear you cause they still shootin!

1. Who dat in my house? 2. I’m the devil, who’s asking? 1. The devil is not welcome HERE! 3. You got the nerve to call yourself the devil in his house? Shit!

1. You ARE angry, it’s okay. 2. I’m not angry, except when you keep telling me I’m NOT angry. And that shit’s just fucking annoying, like a fucking gnat at a barbecue. 1. Now I want you to say, ‘I’m angry, I will control my anger. I love myself. Whoosah.’ 2. I don’t understand what the fuck you talkin about. 1. (calmly) Yes, you do know what the fuck I’m talking about.

1.Captain, remember your pressure points. 2.ooosssaaa

4900 if you want to fuck with me again you can find yourself another chump

Ah nah it’s the Nigras!

aint gon b no fuckin tonight

and you two motherfuckas need jesus

bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do whenwe come for you

Bad Boys for life.

blue power motha fucker


brian is a loser

Call the wife and tell her I’m on my way. (he finally gets an erection after taking some X)

call the wife and tell her im on THE way!!! – by jy molloy

call the wife tell her im on THE way

Can I get you a bucket of extra criispy and a couple of cream sodas?

Captain: Do you two call each other up on the phone every morning? (imitates Mike and Marcus) Good morning, Marcus! Good morning, Mike! How ya doin? A’ight! So, how we gonna fuck up the captain’s life today? I don’t know, I don’t know, wait, let’s kill three fat people and run them over in the street!

chitty chitty bang bang nigga

Damn righ boys, It’s da niggras!

Damn someone shot you in the ass

dan marino should definetly get this car.. not this one ima fuck this one up but he should get one like this

Dead man on the hood!


Did you just call me a tick?

Dont hate the player, hate the game

Dont you got a Ricky Martin concert to go to?


Ever been with a man? do you want to?

Everything in this house is broken.

fern shui feeling

fuckin haitians in a little ass room with fuckin guns…shit

Gentlemen what is your job description? No you two, what is your job description? I’ll tell you: Tactical Narcotics Team. Keyword:Tactical. A certain finese and sutlety in achieving the goal. Tell me gentlemen what was sutle about your work today? [a car blows up on the tv screen]

Gentlemen, what is your job description? I’ll tell ya. Tactical Narcotics Team.

hey isn’t it low tide….. ya it is…… well shouldn’t you two be goin to pick up your relatives

Hey! We’re Americans! We’re Americans! I pay my motherfucking taxes!

his fuckin head fell off

his fuckin head fell off mike!

how old is you? …15 nigga you atleast thirty

how old is you? 15. Shit nigga, you least 30!

i cant get an erection

I don’t know you but you look like you about to do something stupid. …. I’m in.

I got so much brass up my ass right now i could be playin the Star Spangled Banner!

I KEPT the warranty!


i knowmy rights!!!!

I like this fish. Its a nice fish. Its got big fucking eyes, but I still like this fish.

i like tis fish its a nice fish ig fuckin eyes but a nice fish

i need to know man if a crackhead pop up behind me with a nine u gonna cook tht fool yah i shoot him in the kneecap so ur crackhead gonna have a busted knee cap and im gonna be in a body bag

I realized God sent you here to test me.

i see such things in my country everyday. Its gotta b some stupid cuban tradition to put him in a tortilla box

i think i found ur problem ya’ll are a bunch of filthy mother fuckers

I told Mama about your Cubano boyfriend, he ain’t invited to Christmas dinner.

i want you to find those black putas de mierdas

I was at a family barbeque.

I’ve got the commisioner so far up my ass that if he spits, its comin’ out my mouth.

if your not back here by 10:00 o’clock then im goona go look for you and theres going to be some chity chity bang bang going down.

im not angry except when you keep saying you’re angry that shit is fucking annoying. like a nat at a bbq just buggin the fuck out of me.

im not saying i shot you in the ass but damn someone shot you in the ass

Isn’t Ricky Martin having a concert?
Get the fuck on!

isnt it low tide? dont u have some relatives to pck up

It’s a doughnut. It’s a medical thing.

Its Low Tide, dont you have some relatives to pick up?

KKK Man:Your cop nigger is a cocky son-of-a-bitch
Marcus:Now see Mister was that necessary? He can’t just be a cop he got to be a nigger to?


Man i said all dat, and all you heard was titties

Man if this was my car I’d be pissed!

Man, if this was my car, I’d be PISSED!!!

marcus its dan marino!
hey! back up

Marcus: Please can’t we just talk? Why we gotta come up in here shootin?
Mike: Oh you want to talk. Ok, well talk.
Marcus: We just want to ask you a few questions!
Mike: They can’t hear you because they too busy shootin at you!!

Marcus: How old is you?
Reggie: 15.
Marcus: Mothafucka, ya look 30.
Mike: How old are you?
Reggie: 15.
Mike: Shit nigga, you at least 30.

Marcus: Mike have some decency cover her titties up. Mike: What Im gon do wit these big ass dead titties. Marcus: But ya lookin

Marcus: oh oh now i’m the Miami PD, i’m not yer brother no more? oh iight…you know what? i’mma tell momma

Marino:Let me know how she runs.
Marcus:Oh he gone test drive the shit out of this.

Me and my partner we’re from the miami tandom dance team and we’re thinkin of going national

Mike and Marcus singing: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you? (Marcus starts a rap that’s unintelligible) Mike: Dude, you gotta know the words. Marcus: We usually go straight for the chorus.

Mike my ass still hurts from what u did to it last night

well u no i got caught up in the moment and shit got crazy.

Mike i cant even get an erection

Mom whats an erection?

Allright thtas cool cause we partners but we we’re partners w/ boundries. So we’re gonna take a box and in it we’ll put the word flacet, my mothers tities and ur erection problem and we’re gonna lock this bitch up and throw this mother fucker in the ocean. And the only way u can get to it is if ur mother fuckin Jock Custow.

Mike the mothafuckin the head fell off

Mike there these two rats fuckin’, man!
They fuck JUST like us!!

Mike there’s two rats fuckin up here! He’s straight pile-drivin’ that shit! They fuck just like us!

There’s a papa rat humping the shit out of this mama rat.
No, he’s straight pile-driving her!

-Now, how is that information gonna help me do my job?

They Fuck just like us.

Mike, you go to therapy to work out your issues, not to bang your therapist.

Mike- See that’s that bullshit I always be talkin about.
Marcus- Mike, The muthafuckin head fell off!

Mike: Captain these are not normal corpses.
Captain: If i threw you..out of a speeding ice truck and then ran over your wouldnt be normal either.

Mike: wait i think i found the bag…no wait its just his kidney

Mike: You ever made love to a man?
Reggie: No Sir
Mike: Do you want to?

Mike:What you want? Basketball tickets? I can get you any game.
Guy at the Computer:Lakers. Courtside seats.
Marcus:Man courtside, with them thick ass glasses he can see the game from the parking lot.

Mike:You OK?
Marcus:Motherfucker you shot me in the ass
Mike:Who shot you?
Marcus:Who? That who would be you
Mike:I shot you? Well I ain’t saying a didn’t shoot you, I mean I was shooting, I was doing a lot of shooting. I ain’t saying a shot you neither- Damn! Someone shot you in the ass!

nah dats scarface in there

nigga u atleast thirty

now dats how you sposed to shoot

Now dont be kissin around the land mines.. ah no no no could u plz tell them that that is some dangerous shit they doin

Now show ’em your badge

NOW show them your badge!

Now that’s how you sposed ta shoot! From now on…that’s how you shoot!

Now that’s how you supposed to shoot, from now on that’s how you shoot! Oh man, I want my next partner to shoot like that WOOOOO… it takes a dysfunctional motherfucker to bust somebody in the head like that. That’s some disfunctional shit! My next partner’s gonna invite me to his barbeques and shit, though.

o it hit da meat it aint nowhere near da hole

Oh No i hear them Bad Boys Commin Cant stop noe gotta continune my rinnin’

oh you wanna talk o ok ghead ….they cant hear you cuz they still shootin at you

oh you wanna talk o ok go ahead

i jus wanna say we’re not imagration!

they cant hear you cuz they still shootin at you.

Ooopsy Daisy…It’s the niggras!

Shit just got real.

Sid, cancel the damn cable.

so when u start golfin

Some people are just like a fucking nat at a bbq, just bothering the fuck out of you

Syd:Why don’t you just tell him about New York?
Marcus:Tell me what about New York.
Mike:…Remember I had went New York?…and it was like Syd…I had ran…She ran into me and I was like…Wassup…and she was hungry…she had fish…it was grouper…I had some chicken…and remember how I was supposed to come back? I didn’t. I stayed and-
Syd:We went out on a date. Five dates and now we’re seeing each other.

Tactical Narcotics Unit, the key word being tactical

That mother fucker flipped!

That was foolish, and reckless. I’m telling mommy, this shit is definitley leaking out.

that’s a nice fish. big fuckin eyes, but a nice fuckin fish

THAT’S how you shoot! From NOW on, THAT’S how you shoot!

Thats a nice fish. Big fuckin eyes, nice fuckin fish.

thats a nice fish. big fucking eyes but a nice fucking fish

The Captain:OK. Well I have learned that there’s always two sides to a story so what’s yours?
Marcus: Well I was at a family barbeque-
Mike:We got a tip that the Haitains were going to pull a hit on the leading X-man
Marcus:X-man, that’s what they call Ectasy dealers.
The Captain:Marcus, I know, th-that’s why I’m captain. It’s OK. So you got the money?
[Mike shakes his head]
The Captain:Oh OK, no money. Then you got the drugs?
[Mike shakes his head again]
The Captain:No drugs. well then who’s this X-man?
Mike:We’re not sure yet.
The Captain:You don’t know? Then all that(refering to the mess they made on the highway)was for nothing?
Marcus:Captain, I was at a family barbeque.

They can’t here you because they’re still shooting at you!!!

Thirty nine hundred dollars!!!!!

this aint gay shit its man shit

This fuckin punk thinks he can die in my club

this is a nice fish, big fuckin eyes, but a nice fuckin fish.

this movie rocks bad boys bad boys what you guna do you cant run you cant hide theyll just track you down force you to do nsomething what ener they say you should do it or your done for it there mite be alittle sex i fergot.

This right here, is what the fucks wrong with you

Twenty-two cars and a boat!!! How did you sink a boat?!

uh-oh its da nigras

uh-oh its da nigros

Vargas and Reyes: Uhh we were thinkin about orderin lunch, what should we put you down for a bucket of chicken and a couple grape sodas. Mike and Marcus: Hahaha a couple of grape sodas. Isn’t it low tides, yeah i think it is don’t you got some relatives to pickup. Vargas and Reyes: Why you always gotta go racial.

we are some black bad ass mother fuckers

we have our rights!
why dont you exercise your right to shut the fuck up

we ride together we die to gether bad boys for life

We ride together, we die together….BAD BOYS FOR LIFE

We ride together. We die together.

We’re gonna take your erections and my mom’s tits and we’re gonna throw that shit in the ocean…… gotta be Jacque Cousteau to find that shit!

What happened? I dont know mama he just shot himself. You better write a nice letter to his mama.

what i did to your ass last night well im sorry, it fuckin hurt man!

what ima do with this big ole dead titties

What the hell is going on in here? Son, how did this porno crap get into MY STORE? What the hell is this?

what you gonna doe when we come for you

white power!!!!!

white power, white power….BLUE POWER MOTHER F’R

Who dere? Who in MY house? It’s da devil1. The devil is not welcome — HERRE!

whoa! whoa! i am way too unstable for this shit.
stop the god damn movement

whooo! that puckered up my butthole


whoose top cop now?

whose top cop now?

whosein my house?! the devil.. the devil aint welcome here…. you gotta say you the devil in his house?

woosah…woosah….woosah mother fucker


You a big Ludacris lookin mutha fucka! Move nigga get out tha way, get out tha way nigga get out the way!

You a ludacris lookin mutha fucka aren’t ya?

you a virgin? ye sir… good keep it dat way aint gon b no fuckin tonight

you go to therapy to get your issues worked out not bang your therapist

You wanna know what would be real fuckin helpful Marcus? Just shut the fuck up and let me drive, lets try that.

your partners a cocky nigga
he cant just be a cop he got to be a nigga too

your partners a cocky nigga. no why cant he just be cocky he gotta be a nigga too

your partners a cocky nigga. now why cant he just be cocky he gotta be a nigga too

~I can’t believe you guys. Do you both wake up in the morning, call eachother up. Good morning Marcus, Good morning Mike. How you doing? Aight! So how we gonna fuck up the captians life today? Dje I don’t know. Look over there, lets kill three fat people and leave them on the street. ~Heey, they were dead before we ran over them. ~ It doesn’t matter weter they were dead or not god dammed! Everytime you leave a corps on the street. I!!! Have to get these forensic corner guys come in to see what happend. Then I gotta get detectives. See detecting shit. Then I gotta the forensic guys to stick them back in the fuckin bag!!!!

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Movie Quotes from Bad Boys: Quotes from the movie Bad Boys

Whattya mean??, you slept in my bed, didnt you feel the dents???, Baby you dont want that, you dont want that, cause when I come, I COME WITH THE THUNDER!!.

(1) Can we help you? (2) Hey, I ‘staked’ out in that car all night too, I should at least be allowed to take a peek. (1) This is real police work, ok. This ain’t Charlie’s Angels.

(1)Hello? We’re your new neighbors. Don’t be alarmed, we’re negros.
(2) Naw man, you use too much bass in your voice. That scares white folks. you got to sound more like them. (In high pitched voice) We were wondering if we could borrow a cup of brown sugar.

(1)I don’t eat flesh
(2) Say what?
(1) That’s flesh that you’re shoveling into your mouth. You know, that was, like, a living, breathing creature. You know, it probably had a name.
(2) It’s just bologna. My bologna has a first name.

(1)Oh, man, that was cold!
(2)Yeah, so was your mama’s bed.

(1)Until then, until then, you are Mike Lowery, you be him, that’s what you are, you’re him!
(2)But I—
(1) You’re him, I don’t wanna hear it, you’re him! And you, you’re you, you be you, but not in front of her. You’re him, you’re you

(1)What the hell are you doin’?
(2) Keepin’ my shit quick.
(1) Oh, I see. You aren’t gettin any at home, so you got a lot of extra energy. Go ahead, burn it off.

(1)You freeze, bitch
(2) Oh shit, I’m fucked.
(1) Now back up, put the gun down and give me a packet of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious.
(3) And some Skittles.

(1)You know, I’m so sick of this bullshit! Am I supposed to apologize for my family leaving me money? All I ever wanted to do was be a cop. I go out there and take it to the max everyday. I’m the first one there, and the last one to leave, so you know what, fuck you, and fuck them, and fuck everybody that’s got a problem with Mike Lowery.
(2) I love you, man.
(1) Fuck you!
(2) I do.
(1) Shut up, you slowass driver. You drive like a bitch!
(2) Why I gotta be all that? Tell you what, I’ll drive off this fuckin cliff if you keep fuckin with me. Then it’ll be two bitches in the sea. My wife knows I’m no bitch. I’m a bad boy!

(1)You mean, y’all paid, what, $80,000 for this car and you ain’t got no damn cup holder?!
(2) It’s $105,000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. Limited edition
(1) You damn right it’s limited! No cup holder, no back seat. Just a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls just draggin’ the fuck along.

(Marus)Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57….. (Mike)Now lets here one of those jokes bitch……

…And some Skittles.

…it’s me I’m callin’ in a favor, I need S.W.A.T. team, helicopters, we’re callin’ all cars baby, only I don’t know where I need ’em.

…you like a magnet for random gunfire.

1) Freeze, Bitch!
2) No, YOU Freeze, Bitch! … Now, back up. Put down the gun. And give me some tropical fruit bubblicious.
3) And some skittles!

1) Hey, don’t be telling my sons about your sleazy sex stories… 2)Uh nah, I only tell your husband my sleazy sex stories.

1) Is just that…you’re not anything I expected. 2) Yeah well I didn’t expect to walk into the Yankee stadium either!

1) MOM! I thought you said daddy was in Cleveland! 2) No sweetie, your daddy wishes he was in Cleveland.

1) You’re just, not what I expected. 2) Well, I didn’t expect to walk into Yankee Stadium, neither.

1)dont be alarmed, we’re negroes 2) no you use too much base in your voice. We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar?

1)Its ok we’re negros 2) no man you got too much base in ya voice, it scares white folks . . .we were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar

1)what is Marcus’ wife like? 2)I don’t know… like a wife.

1)you have the right to remain silent… anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law… 2)yo man, what you doin? 1)I’m just gettin it out tha way

1)you know who you’re talkin to? thats king ding-a-ling. why dont u whip it out for her big boy. 2)yeah right on your forehead.

1. Are there going to be any more hysterical half
naked women coming around here tonight I should know
about? 2. Yvette was naked? You threw Yvette out

1. Everybody wants to be like Mike.
2. Yeah, and you’re going to be retired like him too.

1. I’m here to kill my husband Marcus Burnette
2. Would that be the tall one or the short one?

1. Now back up, put the gun down, and gimme a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious. 2. And some skittles.

1.) Did I ever tell you…I love you, man? 2.) You know you always be gettin emotional after gunfights. 1.) That’s cuz I’m glad we survived! Shit, what you talkin bout?

1: it’s 105,000 and it’s one of the fastest production models ever made, limited edition. 2: you damn right it’s limited, 105,000 dollars and it aint got no damn cup holders.

And some skittles!

Badges? You want badges? I give you badges, motherbitches!

Been takin viagra.. pop 1, pop 2, been eatin dem like skittles!

Bottom line…i will knock u the fuck out.

Burnett:If you were a real partner instead of no-backup,hot-doggin’,car-chasing,skirt-sniffin’ motherfucker,I would be gettin’ down to business with my wife instead of stuck in this situation. Lowrey:Yeah. Thanks for the get-well card.

Come on, baby, you know I’m a better cop when I get some in the morning!

Damn Man, watch where u swingin a dead leg!

Damn man, what are you weighin’ like 350, I bet you a big poppy chicken eattin’ mutha fucka ain’t ya

Damn man, whata ya weighing 350?? I betcha big popeye chicken eatin mutha fucka ain’t ya?

Did you hear what I said! I heard what I said, because I was standing there when I said it! I told you to secure a witness. Not to shoot up a neighborhood, not to do another dead body. Just get the dope back and do it quietly.

Do you see the fuckin emotion on my face? That means this shit is serious! That means me and this motherfucker’s not vibin’ right now!

Don’t be alarmed – we’re negroes.

Don’t be alarmed! we’re negroes!

Don’t be alarmed, we’re negros

Don’t be alarmed, we’re negros… Can I borrow some brown sugar

Don’t kiss me Mike, I don’t know where your lips were last night.

dontbe alarmed were negros nah nah nah datll scare white folks like dis um we was wounderin if we could borrow some brown sugar

f*ck that! i’m just dealing with you. That was a cop that threw that little party at the Biltmore

Frank…(slaps cigarette out of Frank’s hand) It’s ETHER! It’ll EXPLODE, you dope! Just…don’t even breathe!


freeze you mother bitches

From now on that is how you drive!!

From now on, that’s how you drive!

From now on, You’re him! He’s you!

Fuck you Bergoni(sp?)…you clean it up!!!

girl:Who’s the guy in all the pics?…Martin:in what,oh u know what?,i 4got they were even here,that’s my partner,Marcus Burnett…girl:oh,i’ve never seen anything like this b4…Martin:well,i know how it may throw u a little bit but see it’s a cop thing,these pics are up in here 4 everytime he saved my life,it’s the same thing 4 him,u go back to his place,ain’t nothin’ but pics of me,Mike Lowrey,cuz it’s like a shrine,just a,just a reminder…girl:cuz i mean when i saw it,was like the whole wall, so i thought maybe they were pics of ur lover…Martin:of what?…girl:u know i thought that u were u know GAY…Martin:that i was gay,no no no no no baby…girl:no but i didn’t mean 2 offend u,it’s like okay to be a homosexual MIke…Martin:No y-y-you not listenin’,it’s not registerin’,believe me,did u sleep in the bed…girl:ya…Martin:didn’t u feel the dents,ya the dents comes from all of that…..

Give me a name, GIVE ME A GODDAMN NAME!!!

Go downstairs and have a Coke and smile.

guy with gun: got an itch? i’ll scratch it for you
julie: scratch this!
guy with gun: i’ll scratch whatever you want me to you blue-eyed bitch
julie: did you go to college?

guy: -i blow u and then i blow u
(martin Lawrence)-Blow me,WHAT the FUCK?,no,hump me,that’s all right
guy:i’m from the midle east,i killed b4,i kill again
(Martin)-Fuck me plz,no hold on,hump me….Look,don’t u see the fuckn’ emotion i’m goin’ through,this means this shit is serious,okay it means me and this motherfucker are not vibin’ right now

how the hell you gonna leave my ass in a gunfight to go get the car?!!

i think shawn penn did a nice job in his movies

i think he devers credit great job

I bet when yo punk-ass woke up this morning, you didn’t think about 5 o’clock you’ld have a hole in yo leg…

I bet when your punk ass woke up this morning you didn’t think by 5 o’clock you’d have a hole in your leg.

I bet your one of those Popeye Chicken eatin’ mother fuckers.

I don’t know why you runnin’ to your wife. You got shot in the leg, your dick probably don’t work!

I had a little run in with your friend action jackson over here but i’m o.k

I take it to the max everyday. I’m the first one through the door and I’m always the last to leave at night. So f*ck you, f*ck them and f*ck anybody whos got a problem with Mike Lowrey

I wanna meet the man that beat your ass, I wanna meet the man that kicked Shaft’s ass

i wanted to say hello to sean penn he did
a great job in bad boys nice job

I woke up this morning. I had a power ranger up my ass

I’m Mike LOWrey

If I get killed I’m fucking you up.

If I get killed… I’m fuckin you up…

If you dont sit your lanky ass down…bottom line, I will nock you the fuck out.

It’s about you lack of respect for other peoples property.

It’s not my fault I just hang out with stupid ass friends, who drive stupid ass cars, that attract alot of mutherfuckin’ attention

Jesus! Could you use a smaller gun? You got blood on me again!

Jojo…! Aw c’mon Jojo! Don’t make this hard, Jojo!

Listen I Aint no Wesley Snipes…

Lowery: Its a Limted addition
Burnett: You damn right its limited. No cup holder. No back seat. Just a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls the just draggin the fuck along!

Man, you betta sit yo lanky ass down. Bottom line…I will knock you the fuck out.

marcus: Crazy evette stalking me
mike: you through crazy evette out naked
marcus: titties hanging out a little

Marcus: Can you stay focused?
Mike: What are you talking about? I am focused.
Marcus: Yeah, Focused on all the scattered ass in here.

Marcus: If you don’t sit your lanky ass down…bottom line? I will knock you the fuck out!

Marcus: Where’s your cup holders? Mike: Ain’t Got None! Marcus: $100,000 for this car and you ain’t got no cupholders!? Mike:(interupts) $105,000 and is a limited addition. Marcus: Damn right it’s limited! No Damn cupholders! No backseat! Just a dick with two chairs in it and we’re the balls just draggin’ the fuck along!

marcus: you said you wanted some quality time. I got the time and you damn sure got the quality, come on
theresa: you no what marcus I cant remember tha last time we fell asleep together
marcus: come on baby its my job, you know i’m a better cop when I get some in the morning
theresa: well your gonna have to keep it in you pants coz i hear three little burnettes coming down the hall
marcus: thats cold! you just gonna leave me hear like a humping dog

marcus: you want some?
julie: no thanks I dont eat flesh
marcus: what?
julie: thats flesh that your shoveling into your mouth, it probably had a name
marcus: its just baloney, my baloney had a first name?
julie: actually it probably had about a million names, you know they take all different parts like the leftovers. The hoofs the ears they put it into this machine grind it all up and out comes this big sheet
marcus: what about a pickle, can I have a pickle?
julie: yeah its gat alot of salt in it but it is a vegetable

Marcus:Mike, man…go downstairs and have a coke and a smile, please.Mike:Ok…ya’ll want something?Marcus:Birng me coke Mike!

Mike! Please… Go downstairs, have yourself a Coke and a smile.

Mike: We might as well go back.
Marcus: What?! And take a trip all the way down to high society for nothin’? That’s why they got windows for. We can peek in.
Mike: Yeah, you’re right. Oh!!!
Marcus: What happened?
Mike: I tripped!
Marcus: The door just opened for you like that?
Mike: Right after I tripped.
Marcus: I guess they want us to come in, take a peek.
Mike: Heelllooooooo!!
Marcus: We’re your new neighbors.
Mike: Don’t be alarmed; we’re negroes.
Marcus: Naw, man, naw! That’s too much bass in your voice. That scares White folks. You got to sound like them. (Nerdy voice)We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar? Sniff, Sniff. You fart?
Mike: Naw, man.
Mike & Marcus: Dead guy.
Mike: Aw man! Alright let me take a stab at this one. He sells the ventilation plans to the bad guys. He gets rich, but he gets dead.
Marcus: You right about that. Uh, I’ma call homicide.
Mike: Yo, wait, why you always get like that when we around a dead body?
Marcus: I don’t know it’s just the …(gags)
Mike: Will you just look around? Please?
Marcus: (Gags)The smell and…the fumes…it’s just unexpected, that’s all.
Mike: Looks like our man here was a bit much of a gambler. We got Dog Track, Hai Alai, probably needed money to pay off his debts.
Marcus: Bookie.
Mike: Whoops, sorry.
Marcus: Damn man! Watch where you swingin’ a dead leg!!
Mike: My bad!
Marcus: Damn this! I’m callin’ homicide. I’m a Narcotics cop. Sniff, Sniff. Oh, dead bodies…dead ends. Maggots and…
Mike: You alright, man?
Marcus: A little…nauseous… I’ma…(gags)…I’m gonna…(gags)…oooohh…(gags)
Mike: Hey, what you say we grab a couple of burritos?

mike:I haven’t killed anybody today captain
cap: do you wamt me to tell at you coz I can do that!

my ideas always work someimes

My plans always work sometimes!!

My shit always works sometimes

next time learn how to work the saftey with your punk ass

Now back up, put the gun down, and gimme a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious. And some skittles.

Now back up, put the gun down, and gimme a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious. And some skittles.

Now lets hear one of the jokes bitch

Now THAT’S how you spos’d to drive! From now on, THAT’S HOW YOU DRIVE!

Oh you the man tonight Mike, you hijack an ice cream truck, that’s a damn bomb.

Oh, I forgot! The bad guys know where you live… which means they’re commin’ for your ass! Good luck!

ok i don’t know everything about everything i just know a little bit
about a little bit. theres 3 guys they got a lab.(click) theres
2 guys one died on a plane crash last year i fucked up (click). no
theres 1 guy just 1 guy this guy’s an instine mother fucken genusis
fucken collage boymother fucker got four eyes and glasses mother
fucker he got a rich mummy and daddy who live on coconut grove.

Screw you, that’s illegal!

sit yo lanky ass down or i will knock you the fuck out

so Julie what have you been doing lately, not much just spending time handcuffed to steering wheels

So let your cousin bring back the shit so we all can get some sleep


This is bad. No, let me call it what is. This is fucked up!

This is bad. No, let me call it what it is. This is FUCKED up!

This is just a big shiny dick, and we the balls just dragging the fuck along.

This morning I woke up with a power ranger stuck up my ass.

What are you going home to your wife for? You got shot in the leg, your dick probably don’t work

What can I say? Shit happens. It’s a shitty day!

Why am i confusing my own shit?!

Why am i tripping on shit i know is there?!

Yeah, I hate it when a bitch lets herself slide.

You damn right it’s limited. No cup holder, no back seat. It’s a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls, just draggin’ the fuck along.

you damn right it’s limited… no cup holders, no backseat. Just a big shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls, just draggin the fuck along.

you damn right its limited. no cup holders, no back seat, this thing is just a shiny dick with two chairs in it, i guess we the balls just draggin the fuck along

You drive almost slow enough to drive Ms. Daisy

You forgot your boardin pass

you forgot your boarding pass

You forgot your boarding pass!

You got shot in your leg, your dick probably don’t work

You got the right to remain silent.

you let dogs in my house?

you see me i got my shirt off, you see mike he half butt-naked. then you see the white girl. You think we havin a big muthaf*ckin orgy but it aint like that baby it aint like that!

you see mike i cant get down there, and when i do it gets stuck and when i come up, u get this shit…

You want badges, I’ve got badggggesss…

You’re always talking about quality time baby, and right now I got the time, and you damn sure got the quality.

You, you be him ,and you you’re still you but not in front of her.

Your dam right its limited. No cup holder, No back seat, just a shiney dick with to chairs in it. Guess we’re the balls just dragging the fuck along.

your on your own jojo. I dont wanna get no brain fragments on me. That stuff gets in your clothes and it stinks!

[singing] I want to be, I want to be LIKE MIKE!!

[Tagline] Whatcha gonna do?

~DON’T BE ALARMED.. WeRe NiGrOs.. NaR ManN, u GoT 2 mUcH bAsE iN yA vOiCe… We WeRe WoNdErInG iF wE cOuLd BoRo SuM BrOwN sUgAr

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