Movie Quotes from Bad Company: Quotes from the movie Bad Company


1) There are two things you need to do.
2) Would one of them be shiting my pants.

1) Where are you?
2) The corner of Eat Shit and Fuck You.

1) Why’d you take me here? Who the hell are you!
2)Were with the CIA
1)Oh I see, ya’ll shot someone and now you need a suspect

1)Dont shoot the bomb, you fool!
2) Dont shoot me either!!!

1)Where are You?
2)At the corner of eat shit and fuck you.

A: Wake up, it is 5 am ( throws water in Jake’s face)( but their is nobody on the bed)
J: no, it is 5:01 am ( throws water in A’s face)

Does this play DVD?

Dont go dissappearing on me again Michael

Gaylord Oakes: They put a transponder chip in the phone they gave you that tells them everywhere you went in the last two weeks. Which is why we switched the chips, so it wouldn’t tell them you went to Langley.
Jake Hayes: And what if you hadn’t?
Gaylord Oakes: They’d have shot both of us in the head. I’m feeling hungry, how about you?

Get in the car bitch!!!

Hand me that umbrella so I can hit you again.

Hello, big time tickets, how can I help you? Front row Knicks! are you kiddin, the kninck always sell out, and tonite there playin the lakers! Wait, one second.
Hello, big time tickets, how can I help you? Lion King? UhUn,no, I dont do that. I can hook you up with some Knicks tickets though?

I have a question, if my brother was so smart, then why is he DEAD???

I just want to go home and watch OPRAH!

I used to lick stamps for food.

I’m going to do this. Then you’re going to do this. Then I’m going to do this. Now you’re going to want to do this, but I’m going to do this. And when you’re thinking about doing this, I’m going to do this. And then the game is over. So what say you give me twenty dollars and we save twenty minutes?

I’m gonna beat your ass so bad, you’ll be the only guy in Heaven with a wheel-chair.

I’m supposed to put up with your shit ’cause you’re a spy? Big deal! Every woman on the planet’s a spy! Man, you guys can’t even find Saddam Hussein. If you told a woman, right now at 8:00 in the morning that her husband was sleeping with Saddam Hussein, she’d be able to find Saddam by 8:00 that night, and say Saddam, don’t you ever come around my house no more!

If it breathes, it dies!

Jake Hayes: If you stayed on top of things, you’d understand that the traditional checks are not 100% fool-proof. This last test was designed by the head of nuclear science at Caltech, a Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre, along with Dr. Irving and Professor Griffin and the rest of the Wu Tang Clan, know that it is best when you have a baseline screen situation to achieve a pulsopular cataclysmic calibration or something we like to call the Shaq Attack.
Michelle Petrov: Shaq Attack?
Jake Hayes: Yes, named after Dr. O’Neal of Los Angeles, formerly of Orlando.

Jake Hayes: You guys still there?
Gaylord Oakes: Yes, Mr. Hayes we’re still here.
Jake Hayes: And you’ve got guns, right?
Gaylord Oakes: Yes, we have guns.
Jake Hayes: With bullets, right?
Gaylord Oakes: Mmm-hmm, lots of bullets.

Jake Heyes about his brother’s girlfriend: What the hell would he wanna have a disagreement with HER fine ass for?

So that’s how this job is. Even if they don’t shoot you, they take your life.

The world’s formost assassin?!!….. that’s like the *Tiger Woods* of murder!

We were so poor, we used to lick stamps for supper

What just happened? They woke me up! Ok how many of them were there? I told you they woke me up! Look i knew it was swanson cuz i could feel her tits in my back. I knew it was ****** because i stole his wallet. and i knew it was seal cuz i stole his wallet!

Whenever I see numbers, I covert them into chess moves or ticket seats at the Garden, it’s the only way I can remember!

You better act right before you get smacked right, Bitch!!!

You got the wrong guy. I don’t even have a brother. That’s just a picture of me in a suit. You could’ve got that off the internet. I saw a picture of Bill Gates with three titties on the net.

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