Underwater Car on Youtube: Video of Rinspeed’s first underwater car on Youtube: The sQuba

If you wouldn’t mind having your own James Bond 007 car, this underwater car by Rinspeed seen on this youtube video may be the one for you. The Rinspeed SQuba is a fully functional sports car with one cool little extra feature: It also goes not just ON the water, but UNDER water, as a fully submersible car. Very high cool factor. The car probably needs a good wash after it’s been in the salty ocean, but that’s a small price to pay. One other little hiccup, it looks like you have to wear scuba equipment to use it underwater (hence the name Rinspeed SQuba, presumably). Still, a pretty wild way to take in some scuba diving! They HAVE to put that in the new James Bond movie: A Quantum of Solace. I doubt they will, but they really should.

Here’s the youtube video of the underwater car, the Rinspeed SQuba.

[youtube sJC7E06IBXI nolink]

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