Roger Clemens is Innocent: Press Conference Monday January 7th, 2008

Roger Clemens is Innocent.

I watched the entire Roger Clemens Press Conference today, and nearly everyone who watched it objectively probably came away with the same conclusion.  He is innocent.

-It’s clear one of his core values is to take care of his body, to watch what he puts into it. He was clearly speaking from his core when he said that being in the baseball hall of fame meant nothing to him compared to all the hard work he put into baseball, while keeping his body as healthy as possible.

-He had the authentic indignant, annoyed, frustrated, barely contained anger only possible by Oscar caliber actors and by people who are innocent and have been wronged.

– lot’s of things were cleared up in the press conference, and a 19 minute conversation between him and his trainer, Brian McNamee shed some light on it as well. 

– It is unfortunately so many in the media treated him immediately as guilty unless proven innocent, instead of vice versa.

It’s hard to believe in an age where seemingly every sports hero is falling, that someone named in the report might be innocent, but all indications are that Roger Clemens is actually innocent of taking illegal substances to enhance his baseball performance.   

He had to miss the funeral of a friend’s son to be at the press conference. But it was good he had it. It should go a long way to reversing the wave of attacks against him these last weeks.

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