New Air Car Video: New technology let’s cars run on air!

This air car video from youtube was absolutely amazing when I saw it, and I also felt some anger that here in the U.S. we haven’t been hearing about this and there don’t seem to be steps or funding to support vehicles that run on air compression.

The basic idea is that the car has a tank of extremely highly compressed air, which moves the pistons instead of tiny gasoline explosions moving the pistons, which is the case with normal autos.  The car does use a very small amount of gas to control the air compression, but it can go well over 2000 miles between gasoline fill ups! Farther than from New York to California.  It does of course need more frequent fill ups of clean burning air. (It’s actually not even burning. It’s just clean are, just like the pressure that comes out of a balloon, but without the spit).  Current version in Europe can go 100 miles without a fill up of air, which costs about $2.00 in electricity costs to fill it up and only takes 3 minutes. Or you can refill at home over a 4 hour period. 

Future versions will include more of a hybrid system, in which cars can use gas for longer trips but air in the cities. Top speeds can reach over 70 miles an hour with air, but on the highways they would need refueling more often without the hybrid approach.

This is a completely clean “fuel”. We have an endless supply of air, and it comes out the same quality it came in.  This won’t be the WHOLE solution to our oil crisis, but it really can be one of the MAIN solutions.  This new air car technology deserves a lot more attention and funding.  

Here is the air car video from youtube:  

[youtube QmqpGZv0YT4 nolink]


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