The Matt Damon Sarah Silverman Youtube Video from Jimmy Kimmel

Have you seen Sarah Silverman’s Surprise to Jimmy Kimmel yet, featuring Matt Damon? It’s been a hugely popular youtube video lately.  First some quick background about Matt and Jimmy’s “feud”.

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have been having a faux feud for over a year.  It has involved several segments on Jimmy’s late night talk show, including last year when Jimmy Kimmel had Matt Damon on his show, after apparently saying at the end of several shows “My apologies but we ran out of time for Matt Damon”.  And Matt acted very upset, getting really angry at Jimmy Kimmel. (of course it was all planed). That youtube video is at the bottom of this page.  Other segments included a fake trailer for The Borne Ultimatum in which Matt made a guest appearance.

So for Jimmy Kimmel’s recent 5th anniversary of his show, Sarah Silverman, a comedian and Jimmy’s actual girlfriend, came out and had a big “surprise” for Jimmy.  Her suprise was this video. It has taken youtube and the internet by storm. Many are saying it’s one of the funniest things they’ve ever seen. It’s getting 5 stars all around.

So, here is the youtube video of Sarah Silverman’s surprise to Jimmy Kimmel, singing a song about Matt Damon.

[youtube wnVJZkDuVBM nolink]



And here is the youtube video of Matt finally appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, but Jimmy’s introduction was so long, they ran out of time for Matt Damon

[youtube brFUGMB7Aa8 nolink]



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