Ben Affleck Jimmy Kimmel Youtube Video

This is the new Jimmy Kimmel Ben Affleck Video that Jimmy and Ben did as a follow up to Sarah Silverman’s I’m F***** Matt Damon video, that was such a youtube hit with millions of views.  After 24 hours this already has millions of hits, promising to be even bigger.

The video has some big names doing cameo appearances, including Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams,  Josh Groban, Don Cheadle, Huey Lewis and even Harrison Ford. Ben said it was pretty surreal having one of his idols, Harrison Ford, singing into a microphone “I’m F****** Ben Affleck”.  

Here is the Jimmy Kimmel Ben Affleck youtube video “I’m f****** Ben Affleck.

[youtube sIQrBouWRiE nolink] 

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