Movie Quotes from Zulu: Quotes from the movie Zulu

*He had maketh wars to cease in all the world… he breaketh the bow …. and snappeth the spear in s’under*

…and take your bandel you dotty welchman.

1. Can you move your leg? 2. Well if you want me to dance. 1. I want you to crawl you slovenly soldier.

1. Color Sergeant Bourne whats that shooting?2. A rifle hughes.

1. I cant see a one now. 2. Theyve gone to ground. 1. Oh

1. Let them hear your voice.2. They know my voice when they hear it sir.

1. Where would you like me? 2. You pick your own ground,it’s your country isn’t it?

1. Who are they? 2. The Witts.

1.I wish theyed bring us some fresh meat. What do you think theyre cooking for supper?2. Horse meat and axle grease.

1.Private Hook! 2.Yeah. 1.Yes sergeant!

1.South rampart At one hundred yards volley fire,present fire! Reload!Fire!Fire! reload independent fire at will!2. That was very nice of him.

1.Why do they have those little spears? The girls I mean. 2.Its a symbol of their chastity daughter.

1/ Hitch?!?! Hitch, I saw you ….. you’re alive!!!_______
2/ I am ??? Oh___ thanks very much

1/ ..The army doesn’t like more than one disaster in a day. 2/..Looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfast.

1/ How far can you *rednecks* march in one day?

2/ Oh…. 15 or 20 miles

1/ A Zulu regiment can run…. RUN!!!! 50 miles and fight a battle at the end of it……!!!!

3/ That’s daft it is then…….I dont see no sense in *running* to fight a battle!!!!

1/… It’s a miracle…..
2/…. If it’s a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it’s a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 caliber miracle…..
1/… And a bayonet, sir, with some guts behind.

A Zulu regiment can run……..RUN!!!! 50 miles and fight a battle at the end of it……!!!!

Thats daft it is then!!!…….I dont see no sense in running to fight a battle!!!!……

All right lads keep it moving.

All right nobody told you to stop working,gets with it you lead backsided…

Are you sure your on the right side of the river Mr. Witt?

Bastards!…..they`re taunting us!

Boy hear me boy will you be Cain and kill your brother?

Brandy’s for heroes, Mr. Hook. The rest of you’ll make do with boils in your skin, flies in your meat, and dysentery in your bellies.

Come on get through you bloody englishman.

Company will fix bayonettes! Fix bayonettes! Attention![drops bayonette] You slovenly soldier.

Corporal! Lance Corporal!

Damn you Chard,

Did the runner bring orders?

Do carry on with your mud pies

Do carry on with your mud pies, won’t you?

Don’t throw, no spears, at me!

Excuse me sir, tuck your heads in before they fall off.

Five rounds independent!

funny like a….like a train in the distance

he’s a peeler 716 come to arrest the zulu’s

He’s got a voice like a corporal,sort of like a female hippopottamus in labor.

He’s turning blue.

Heave,but a bit more weight on that rope you men.

Hey, who left the door open?

Hold them! Hold them!

I do believe we got about 60!

Great, that leaves 3940 left.

I just came here to build a bridge!!!

I told you I came up here to build a bridge.

i’have my man clean your kit
never mind i as’nt offering to clean it myself

I’ll get you some milk,eh.

If 1,200 men cant hold a defencive position this morning , what chance have we with 100????

If 1200 men couldnt hold a defensive position this morning…… what chance have we with a hundred????

If it’s a miracle Colour Sergeant, it’s a short chamber Boxer Henry, point 4-5 caliber miracle.

In the 100 years since the Victoria Cross was created for valour & extreme courage beyond that normally expected of a British soldier in the face of the enemy….. only one thousand three hundred & forty four have been awarded….. eleven of those were won by defenders of the mission station at Roarke’s Drift, Natal. January 22nd to 23rd 1879………
*Frederick Schiess, Corporal, Natal National Contigent.
*William Allen, Corporal, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
*Fred Hitch, Corporal, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
*James Langley Dalton, Acting Assissant Commissary, Army Commissariat Department
*612 John Williams, Private, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
*716 Robert Jones… *593 William Jones, Privates, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
*Henry Hook, Private, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
*James Henry Reynolds, Surgeon Major, Army Hospital Corp.
*Conville Bromhead, Lieutenant, B Company 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment of Foot, South Wales Borderers
*John Rouse Elliot Chard, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Officer Commanding…. Roarke’s Drift.

It’s Schiess and I’m not Dutch I am Swiss

Jones! You’ve got a singing voice haven’t you?
Yes Sergeant. Baritone.
Good. Get up on that hill. Sing out if you see anything.

Listen! That damn train again.

Look to your front mark the target when it comes.

Mr Witt sir be quiet now will you as a good gentleman you’ll upset the lads.

No comedians, please!

Not much of an army for you.

Oh shes a dry one very cool.I know what she needs.

Play your cards right, Hooky, it could be you.

Rather you asked first, old boy

Ride like hell tell them they can’t get here to soon.

Stretcher bearers!!

That was a very good answer father.

That’s a flogging offense! Get out for God’s sake, man!

Thats my boy Hook your a soldier now I made a soldier out of you.

The Zulus are the enemy of my blood.

This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it will me,I’m happy to say.

Well thats a bit of help our own damn rifles.

Were next boys this is the blind spot.

What are you doing in here? This is a church.

What do you know about zulus?

What do you want me to do, cry me heart out? Give him a big kiss?

What kind of sushi restraunt doesnt have ketchup!

What the hell do you mean cowardly blacks?

What the hell do you think your doing at a time like this?

While calling role
Bourne-Fitch? Fitch? Fitch your alive, I saw you.
Fitch-Oh thank you sir!

Who do you think it is? It’s Mr. flamin Bromhead shooting flamin defenseless animals for the flamin officers flamin dinner.

why us why us??/ because were ere lad nobody else

You giving me an order old boy?

You mean your only plan is stand behind a few feet of mealy bags?

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