Movie Quotes from Zorro, the Gay Blade: Quotes from the movie Zorro, the Gay Blade

(1) Do you think I am a good wife?
(2) You are more exciting than Venus herself?
(3) Then why doesn’t my husband ever say that?

–Now swing your hips! Hiyah!
-Swing your hips! Hiyah!
-Haha! Good! Now flap your wrists!
-Flap your wrists!
-And now say, ‘you naughty, evil alcalde!… I’m going to do some terrible things to you! Aaaah!

-Ah! How romantic. Would you sacrifice your life for me?
-Please, don’t make me laugh, my stomach is upset already.

-And do jou think jou are being so helpful by telling de pipples they have ah-cents when dey do not have an ah-cent?

-Are you aware that your husband is responsible for making thousands of people miserable?
-Really… and I thought he was just irritating me…

-Boston! It’s really the only civilized city. The best food, the best art, the best music…
-The best music? You’ve got to be joking! I spent a week in Boston once, and I don’t think I heard a decent mariachi player in the city!

-Dere is sumeting wrong wit jour bowels.
-My what!?!
-Jour bowels. The way jou say jour ahr’s ahnd jour eeh’s and jour ju’s… I don’t tink jou realize it, but jou have a berry pronounced ah-cent.

-Do you realize that we only make love twelve times a year?
-Well, once a month is not too bad.
-I mean 12 times in one night! And then for the rest of the year, nothing!
-Tell me – on that one night does he eat anything special? Oysters? Raw Eggs?
-Garlic. A lot of garlic.

-Florinda, at least I know you will not desert me, si?
-Well. I’m glad to see you’re finally developing a sense of humor, Estevan. Excuse me.

-For crimes against the peoples, and against the country, and against the state, and the city, and the village, you are sentenced to be executed – until you are dead.

-He wears his clothes well. I could never get into his pants.
-I’ll bet I could!

-How’d you hurt your foot then, falling off a tavern, mate?
-No, I… I broke it fighting against tyrannieses and injustices for the trodden down pipples and for the little babies and the children and the…
-Well I’m sure it’s all a very amusing little story, but I ought to freshen up and say hi-ho to the old gent!

-Is your blade as sharp as your tongue?
-Is yours as dull as your wit?

-Oh heavenly Peter…
-‘Oh heavenly Peter…’
-He who sews and knits…
-‘He who knits and sews…’
-So that we may follow in his fashion
-‘So that we may follow in his fashion’
-Let this simple inane man
-‘Let this simple inane man’
-Find what he seeks.
-‘Find what he seeks!

-Padre, with your permission, I would like to make to you a small donation to your order.
-Your horse and gold are gift enough!

-Say something like a sissy boy!
-Something like a sissy boy.
-You know what I mean – lisp! Lahk diss….

-Tell me, Father, what order commands its priests to wear such strange clothes?
-We are followers of Peter the Dressmaker he who is Christ’s tailor.
-A dressmaker, is that so? Father, I have heard that many of your bretheren in the church are actually sissyboys.
-And I have heard that the alcalde is really a trained gorilla, but who would believe such nonesense?

-That’s all very well for you to say, but I don’t fight.
-Well surely you fence?
-I never learned.
-How do you defend yourself?
-Well, actually, I’m not all that bad with a whip! Ha!

-We have no need for democratic eggs in California. The pipples are quite happy working the land for the cabaleros.
-You don’t really believe the people are happy?
-All I know is the solders are very happy shooting the pipples who say the pipples aren’t happy.

-We’ve heard about him in Santa Barbara! SOmeone’s even written the nastiest little poem about him.
-Weeeell if it’s nasty, I tell you something Wiggy, I would love to hear it!

-Why didn’t I marry you instead of him?
-Perhaps because he asked you and I did not.

-Why don’t you look at it this way – in fifty years she’ll be just another toothless old hag.
-Fifty years with her would be a lifetime with anyone else!

-Why she don’t say something like, ‘I’m going to love you forever’? Why she don’t say that?
-I will love you forever!!

-Yes, well, she is awfully sweet, and it was terribly nice of her to offer herself to me.
-She offered herself… to you?
-Well, perhaps offered isn’t quite the right phrase. Shall we say that she… threw herself… threw herself… yes! That’s right. Threw… her… self… at… me.

-You are the bravest man I have ever met!
-I am very impressed with myself, too!

-You can trust me!
-Indeed, but can you trust me… a man who wears a mask?

-You seem so much freer than most men, so comfortable with yourself.
-It’s the way these pants are cut, you… you don’t feel so constrained.

-You’re a little clumsy, aren’t you my friend?
-To be your friend, I would have to be more than clumsy, I would have to be stupid!

1. Ship oil?? You mean the oil from boats? 2. No from the ships in the field! 1. What ships in the field?? 2. You have never heard of the ships in the field? The little, Ba-ba-ba’s???! 1. Oh you mean SHEEP!

And now walking and running and jumping in place! And now walking and running and jumping in place! And now walking and jumping and running place!

D-Garcia, I am astonished you would enter my house without my permission!
G-I might say the same thing about you with my wife!

D-I do not wish to insult you Garcia, but I could fight four men such as you!
G-You are quite right, Don Diego, that is why I brought my FIVE brothers!

Father shipped me off to sea in that British frigate. They say the Navy makes men. Well, I’m living proof – they made me!

I am going to give you the biggest wedding you have ever had!

I can see that your pockets are lined with the money you have stolen! And your shoulders are padded with false expenses! And your pantses bulge with greed!

i have always depended on peope being nicer than me, and I have never in my life been disappointed.

I know you would not kill an innocent man – or me either, for that matter!

I know! We can go shopping together! There is a new shipment of satins from Spain and colognes from Cologne and corsets from Corsica!

I want you to know that the turtle who caused this has been executed.

I will allow you that you are a pig, but that is all!

I’m married to Estivon…Kind of the Beasts

I’m married to Estivon…King of the Beasts

In my bootsies?

In the early part of the 18th century, the peasants of old California were oppressed by tyrannical land owners. To protect the poor and downtrodden people, there emerged a mysterious swordsman, who pledged his life in the service of justice. To the people, he was a great hero who would live forever in their hearts. To the land owners, however, he was a real pain in the ass.

Look, the dawn is breaking! It is going to be a perfect day for a reign of terror!

Los Angeles, California – the birthplace of ME!

Ode to a Bandit:
His clothes are bold,
his mind uncanny,
Give him your gold,
Or he’ll whip your fanny!

Remember, my people, there is no shame in being poor. Only in dressing poorly.

Thank God for small favors!

That is my servant, he is mute.
Ah, maybe he can give lessons to my wife.

That’s exactly what Zorro would have said. That’s a very Zorro-esque remark.

There is no shame in being poor, only dressing poorly.

Twelve times in one night? Does he do anything special for this? Garlic.

Two bits, four bits,
Six bits, a peso,
All for Zorro –
Stand up and say so!

Walk like a sissy boy, talk like a sissy boy, FLIP YOUR WRIST

We were once…Womb mates!

You can call me anything you like, as long as you call me!

You know, as the Alcalde’s wife, I must play many, many, may roles, but the people only see the part I play in public. Only a few select friends know my private parts.

You may joke about it, Mr Vega, but a new wind is blowing across this land. It is the wind of independence, and it carries aloft the bird of freedom, which will drop the egg of democracy on YOUR head!

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