Movie Quotes from Young Guns: Quotes from the movie Young Guns

#1- Alex this may be your last chance to handle John’s case. #2- Active participation in a gun battle would negate my life insurance policy, I can’t do that.

(1)So shows the snowy dove trooping with crows… As yonder lady order her fellow’s chose…(2)Pardon me? (1) Uh… That’s poem. I’m a poet. I wrote it.

1.Say Billy, word has it, you killed a man?? What did he do??? 2. HE was ragging on me

Alex, if you stay… they’re gonna kill you. And then… I’m gonna have to to go around and kill all the guys who killed you. That’s a lot of killing

Billy: You know, Sir, I do admire you, and I sure would like to touch the gun that’s gonna kill Billy the Kid.

Dear Governor Axtell. I’ve heard that you will give 200 dollars for my head. Perhaps we should meet and talk. I am at the Juarez village at the border. Send 3 men, and instruct them not to shoot, as I am unarmed. In short, Sir; I surrender. Your obedient servant William H. Bonney. PS: I changed my mind. Kiss my ass!

Did you know pigs is as smart as dogs? It’s true. I knew this guy in El Capitan who taught his pig to bark at strangers.

Did you see the size of that chicken!

Did you see the size of them chickens? boys, did you see the size of them cocka doodle goddamn doo?

Did you see the size of those chickens?

Doc- Billy, i think what Charly would like to hear is we’re not going to hang.
Billy- Well, Charly. If they catch us, we’re gonna hang.

doh,doh did you see the size of that chicken

He ain’t all there is he?

Hey Kinney you Bastard its you and I!

How come these injuns ain’t killin us? Cause they can’t see us were in the spirit world asshole.

I ain’t got no business with no warrant, you pecker-head sumbitch!

I eat meat and potatoes.

I’ll make you famous.

Is that what you figure? Well, you can take your figures and shove em up your arrogant little ass because I don’t owe you a god damn thing.

Let me tell you something Mr. New Mexico, I wouldnt give a bucket of piss for your future.

Mexican Indian you son of a bitch.


P.S., I changed my mind, kiss my ass!

reap it murphy u son of a

reap it murphy u son of a b****

Reap the whirlwind, Sherriff Brady. Reap it!

Regulators lets skin outta here

Regulators ready!

Regulators! Hey, Charley. Maybe you should stay. You can’t shoot worth a piss anyhow! Besides, your gal’s crying. She’s really giving me a headache.

Regulators. We regulate any stealin’ of his property, we’re DAMN good too. But you can’t be any geek off the street. You’ve gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep.

We’re in the spirit world, asshole.

Why don’t you peck shit with the chickens.

You call yourself the scurge of New Mexico, well by god I AM New Mexico.

you guys! you guys! Did you see the size of the cock-a-doodle god damn doo?!

You red ass Mexican Greaser, you can do it with your horse.

You red-assed Mexican greaser. You do it with your horse! Mexican greaser!

You see the size of that chicken, She’s my butterfly I’m her flower

You stay here with the pork, they’s smarter than you anyways

You’re all scared, and you’re going to fail the test.

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