Movie Quotes from World Is Not Enough, The: Quotes from the movie World Is Not Enough, The

(1) Foolish sentiment! (2) Family motto.

(1)I’ve always wanted to have Christmas in July. (2) Is that a Christmas joke?(3)To me…no.

1) What happened to Davidov. I was told to expect him. 2) He was buried with work.

1/_I could’ve given you the world.
2/_The world is not enough.
1/_Foolish sentiment.
2/_Family motto

1/_If you’re Q, does that make him R?
2/_Ah yes, the legendary 007 wit…. or at least half of it.

And I thought Christmas came only once a year.

Bond: I was wrong about you.
Christmas Jones: Why?
Bond: I thought Christmas only came once a year.

Bond: I don’t know any doctor jokes.

Bond: You’re killing yourself for her?. Renard: You’re forgetting, I’m already dead. Bond: Haven’t you heard?….(faintly)so is she.

CHRISTMAS JONES : So what is ur relationship with ms king
JAMES BOND : strictly plutonic

Cigar Girl: Would you like to check my figures?
James Bond: Oh I’m sure they’re perfectly rounded.

Dr.CJ: But the world’s greatest terrorist running around with 6 kilos of weapons grade plutonium can’t be good. I have to get it back or somebody’s going to have my ass.

James Bond: First things first

Dr.CJ: Do you want to put that into English for those of us who don’t speak spy?

expecting Davidov he cought a bullet instead of a plane

I could’ve given you the world.

I thought Christmas only comes once a year.

what do you mean?

I’m drowning in my own Caviar!

I’m looking for a submarine; It’s big and black, and the driver is a very good friend of mine.

If you’re Q, does that make him R?

Isn’t it time you unwrapped your present?

It seems yu have been beaten…

It’s getting redder!!

Its very valuble you know, i just couldnt let it explode with the rest of him

lets just….skirt the issue, shall we?

M: I see the good doctor has cleared you; notes you have expectional stamina. Moneypenney: I’m sure she was touched by his dedication. Did the job ‘in hand.’

mr.bullion…. BOMB!!!!!

Oh! The insurance company is not going to belive this!

Q: Remember, Shadows stay in front or behind…Never on top.

R: Ah yes, the legendary 007 wit!

Revenge is not hard to fathom for a man who believes in nothing.

The World is Not Enough

Welcome to my nuclear family

WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!, I SHALL CALL SECURITY!!, and congratulate them. Drink?

What’s the point in living if you can’t feel alive?

whats the point of living if you cant feel alive??

Whats the time? time for you to die!

You can’t kill me, i’m already dead…

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