Movie Quotes from World According to Garp, The: Quotes from the movie World According to Garp, The

–Is that the latest fashion?
–No, Mom. That’s the oldest profession.

1) You’re supposed to think about the past when you’re old and gray.

2) To hell with that. When I’m old and gray, I won’t remember my past. We have to do it now while we’re still young.

In the world according to Garp we area all terminal cases.

Jenny : Is that the latest fashion?
Son: No, Mom, that’s the oldest profession.

Roberta: I mean, I had mine removed surgically under general anesthesia. But to have it bitten off in a Buick….

Well, I had mine surgically removed, but to have yours bitten off in a Buick…

without realizing that this is as good as life gets

Yeah, I had a great pair of hands

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