Movie Quotes from Wolf: Quotes from the movie Wolf

Power without guilt, love without doubt.

Are you kidding? I can smell it. I can smell it a mile away.

I’m not a fool, Laura.

I’ve been offered a choice between no job and a job no one would want.

What, are you crazy?

you know, I think I understand what you’re like now. You’re very beautiful and you think men are only interested in you because you’re beautiful, but you want them to be interested in you because you’re you. The problem is, aside from all that beauty, you’re not very interesting. You’re rude, you’re hostile, you’re sullen, you’re withdrawn. I know you want somone to look past all that at the real person underneath, but the only reason anyone would bother to look past all that is because you’re beautiful. Ironic, isn’t it? In an odd way, you’re your own problem

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