Movie Quotes from Wog Boy, The: Quotes from the movie Wog Boy, The

Ambition is just an excuse for not having the guts to be lazy!

Cop 1 – where is your intented destiation and this untimely hour…
steve – huh?
cop 2 where you goign so early in the mornin’
steve – i am acutally of to church..
cop 2 – yeh right your an alter boy…
steve – nah i am actually on the dole i just do favours for people..
cop 1 – yoru car looks disproportionatly will maintaind for a person ofyoru fudicury capacity…
steve – huh
cop 2 – nice car for a dole bludger


dominic farkin wheres my farkin money farkin?

i dedicated my life to be the best wog i could be……the cars, the clothes, the attitude

i know fuck nothing but i know fuck all-theo

I tape everything… I’m a pervert!

i want my farken money farken

I wouldnt touch you with a ten foot pole
Steve: ooh, ten foot pole, penis enxtensions, am i begginning to sense a theme here? You want me bad baby, you want me bad!

I’m half-Serbian, half-Croatian. I wake up in morning, I want to kill myself! So killing you is no problem, fucken!

If you can get so much money from one little car crash, I can get rich, re!


Luckly, the owners of the club are my cousins. Lucky, Ducky and Fucky!

Minister : What the hell are you doing?
Steve : Wooah baby!, give people some warning before you stick that face out in public!
Minister : Do you know who I am??
Steve : Mrs. Ronald McDonald?
Minister : I’m the Minister for Employment, you little worm.
Steve : Ohh really? Well on behalf of myself and the other 799,000 unemployed in this country your doing a great fucking job! NA!

nerd in office – you want the truth, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH.
steve ( grabs him )
nerd – Watch the nipple ring

Oh and your sandwiches taste like shit

Pickin’ up chicks is a lifetime experience! Oh and remember Curls get the Girls..

Raelene: Mr. Walker has a question.
Steve: Wassup, Walks?

Remember, walk like Frank, talk like Frank, BE FRANK!


Ten foot poles, penis extensions… am I beginning to sense a theme here, or what? You want me BAD, baby, you want me BAD!

Theo: What about my benefits?
Supervisor: No chance in hell!
Theo: (rips off neck brace and throws it on supervisor’s desk) Keep it… bloody POOFTA!

This jacket’s maaaaaad!!

Waiter: … and a ham-and-cheese toasted sandwich for you, sir. Antipasto?
Steve: No, I’m very pro-pasto. But for now, I just want a ham-and-cheese toased sandwich, on white bread. Don’t give me that brown shit!

woah,you should warm someone before you put that face out in public!

Woman: Hey! What do you think you’re doing?
Dominic: Shut up and wash your hands, you unhygienic bitch!
Woman: (rubs hands on Dominic’s jacket) I just did!

You act like you’ve never seen a dick before!

You are what you eat and tommorow i want to be you.

You’re the liar, Raelene!

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