Movie Quotes from Without a Clue: Quotes from the movie Without a Clue

–Dr. Moriarty!….You didn’t tell me that homicidal maniac was involved in this.
–Moriarty knows I am the only match for his evil genius.

–How can I be expected to maintain a character when you belittle me in front of these hooligans?
–Character? Are we talking about the same man who once declared with total conviction that the late Colonel Howard had been bludgeoned to death by a blunt excrement?
–Is it my fault that you have such poor handwriting?

–Mrs. Hudson, an occasional libation enables me to stiffen my resolve.
–Your resolve should be pickled by now.

–Thank you, gentlemen, I am touched.
–I can vouch for that.

–You’re sure he’s not trying to kill me?
–Of course not, he knows you’re an idiot.
–Thank God.

1. What am I looking for?
2. Footprints.
1. Have I found any yet?
2. No.
1. Well, let me know when I do.

1/ He knows you’re an idiot____ 2/ Oh thank God!!

1/ I found a five pound note floating in the river!
2/ Lucky you!
1/ But it’s only half printed…!
2/ Perhaps it’s only worth two-pounds-ten then!

1/_Holmes believes your father has been abducted.
2/_Abducted? By who?

1/_I’ll ask you once more: Are you coming with me?
2/_I would rather waltz naked through the fires of Hell.

1/_Thank you. Lord Smithwick, um, before we start, perhaps a… little sherry?
2/_I wish we could… But the matter which brings me here involves the fate of the entire Empire.
1/_I see….perhaps a whiskey, then?

1/_Well, Mr. Holmes….. Any theories?
2/_Obviously, the victim had been caught in a storm too far from shore to swim for it.
1/_Yes and with that heavy suitcase attached to his wrist and the lake being so deep.
2/_Quite!…. Pulled the poor wretch to the bottom, struggling futilely, flailing desperately as the cold, black water sealed his fate forever….. Well it’s certainly been a lark! Thank you
1/_Thank you very much sir

1/_What are you doing?
1/_Right….. I’m going to think too.
[Long long pause]
2/_What shall we think about, Watson?

Half a tick, Mr. Holmes. You can’t go walking into someone’s residence, poking about their personal possessions, disrupting their privacy… That’s for Scotland Yard.

He sees but he does not observe

His name is ARTY MORTY!

Holmes:_As a matter of fact, Insp. LaStrade, you can be of some help
LaStrade: of course….
Holmes:_Hold my coat, it’s hot in here

I couldn’t detect horse-manure if I stepped in it!

I’ve got it!!! Moriarty’s real name is Arty Morty!! I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about!

I’ve got it.
His name is Arty Morty

It is my opinion, that he is dead.

It was an elementary deduction, based on the evidence at hand

Perhaps,… perhaps Scotland Yard did not have the invaluable assistance; the keen insight and the extraordinary patience of Doctor John Watson…. my friend

[throwing darts] You try to solve a crime in this city and all you hear about is Sherlock HOLMES! ‘Whats he like?’, ‘When will you see him next?’ Never! Thats when!

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