Movie Quotes from Wind and the Lion, The: Quotes from the movie Wind and the Lion, The

–Theodore! You are dangerous! You might even shoot somebody. Accidentally, I mean.
–John, I’d never shoot anyone accidently. I need the votes!

–Why would anyone want to cut out a man’s tongue?
–Perhaps the previous owner had nothing pleasant to say.

I am Raisuli. Do not laugh at me again.

I am the Raizoulli…they do the singing.

I, like the lion, must stay in my place. But you, like the wind, will never find yours.

Ignorance is a steep hill with perilous rocks at the bottom.

It is the wind that passes but the sea remains.

Mrs Petticaras, you are a lot of trouble.

Pedecaris alive or Raizoulli dead!

Pettikoulis alive or Rhazouhli dead!

You are a great deal of trouble.

You know as well as I do that we can’t have arab desperados running around kidnapping american citizens.

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