Movie Quotes from Win A Date with Tad Hamilton: Quotes from the movie Win A Date with Tad Hamilton

1) Congratulations. You’re actually drinking, driving, smoking, leering and groping at the same time. 2) Which on one hand, is just about the coolest thing ever… 1) *scoffs* 2)…but on the other hand, maybe isn’t so great for the image.

1- i love you 2- how many times in your life have you said that 1- not counting the movies? 2- not counting them. 1- i’ve said it a few times, but.. but i’ve never meant it 2- i can’t go with you Tad, because you don’t love me. You maybe wanna love me, but i think what you love right now is the idea of me. You can’t love someone for what they stand for or what they seem to be. You have to love them for what counts, for the little things that are true of them and only them 1- I do love you for your details Rosie 2- You don’t 1- Yes i do. 2- You couldn’t possibly, you don’t even know what they are. 1- You have 6 smiles. 2- What? 1- You have 6 smiles. DId you know that? One when some thign really makes you laugh and one when your just laughing out of politeness, one when your making plans and one when your making fun of yourself, one when your uncomfortable, and one when your talking about your friends. .. I told ya. 2- That is so much better then any of your speeches in any of your movies. 1- I had a better writer.. so will you go? 2-…yes.

1- I’m following my gut, sometimes you have to do that even if what your doing seems crazy. Because in the gap between what prudence says we should do and what our heart tells us we must do, well, Rosa Lee, there in lies our humanity. 2- That’s from The Road To El Dorado. 1- You really are a big fan aren’t you 2- Is that how you get women? You steal lines from your own movies? 1- Not anymore.

angelica: if you feel it and you dont do everything in your power to reach for it then you basically slapping life in the face

Congratulations. You’re actually drinking, driving, smoking, learing and groping at the same time.

Dad: Sometimes Goliath kicks the shit out of David–thing is, no one goes on to tell that story.

Do you think you could love somebody your whole life and never know it until something happens and you see it?


Everyone has a Tad Hamilton. She’s yours, and….you’re mine

Everyone is Tad Hamilton to someone

Give me a break, I just lost my wife and my goat.


Guard your carnal treasure

Heaven is just a mouse click away

I shall bring you similies

I’ll show you things you’ve only hear of in the drug store.

Is it possible to love someone all your life but not realize it intill something happens

Pete: guard your kernal treasure

Pete: He’s from Malibu, CA. The only thing they grow there are breasts.

Pete: I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, would you like to dance?

Pete: I don’t remember a time before you told that story.

Pete: If he claims that he doesn’t like watching sports, then he’s just trying to sleep with you. If he claims to love animals, then he’s just really trying to sleep with you. Guys are guys Rosie. Rich or poor. Famous or grociers. Just do me one favor and guard your carnle treasure.

Rosalee’s dad: have her home by dawn and no cocaine.

Rosalee: what do you do when your not doing what you do?

Rosalie! I bought a house! Well, actually I bought a farm…with a house on it….and a silo for my wheat!

Roselee’s Dad: Chocolate Martini?
Tad: Umm no thanks, driving. Got any weed?
Roselee’s Dad: That a boy.

She has six different smiles. One when something just flat out makes her laugh. One when shes laughing out of politeness. One when she makes plans. One when she makes fun of herself. One when shes uncomfortable and one when shes talking about her friends.

There are three kinds of love. Love, Big Love and Great Love. Love takes 2 weeks to get over. Big Love takes 2 years to get over. And Great Love… well, Great Love changes your life.

There are three kinds of love. Love takes a few days to get over. Big love takes a few months to get over. And great love… well great love changes your life.

WHen a mans great love is rejected he moves on and puts that love away in his past and he moves on and loves the women he will love second best

You have five smiles.
One when you think someone is an idiot.
One when you really think someone is an idiot.
One when you’re getting dressed up.
One when you’re singing Barry White.
And one when you’re looking at me.

You have six smiles.

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