Movie Quotes from Wild Things: Quotes from the movie Wild Things

(1) Nice breast-stroke… (2) Is there some reason why you’re here? (3) Curious, I guess (4) About what? On how to improve your breast-stroke?

(teacher kissing student) now you two!!

1) Why do you think they haven’t gotten your statement yet? Because they’re busy looking for dirt..and they’re not going to find it. Right?? 2) Ken…I don’t fuck my students.

1. So what brings you to this part of town? 2. I’m a guidance counselor at Blue Bay High School, a student there is accusing me of rape. 3. Male or female?

1.) What is a sex crime
2.) Not gettin’ any!

Can i play too, or is it just for boys?

Can I play too? Or is it just for boys?

Can’t get enough of your love, babe.

Do you know how my mom is paying you off? She’s breaking my Trust. I can’t touch untill she’s dead but she’s breaking it to pay YOU! Why don’t you start fucking her again, you can spend it together, I HATE YOU! You son of a bitch, I fucking HATE YOU!!


DUQUETTE: Morning Ruby. I see you still have Walter. I was hoping something would eaten him by now.

DUQUETTE: Why don’t we begin with a question. What is a sex crime? JIMMY: Not gettin’ any!

Gees, where she get those shoes? Whores for less?

get your fucking hands off me! don’t you know who i am?

He said, ‘don’t worry I didn’t come. No little girl can ever make me come’…

I want what I want.

Kelly is pist at Mr. Lombardo too. She’s IN LOVE with him. He’s been her whole fantasy since her old man died but then she found out that Mr. Lombardo was ‘doing’ her mom and that was it…

Kelly Van Ryan is going to wash your Jeep?!

KELLY: Are you retarded? Or just brain dead from whiffin’ fumes out there in the swamp!

KELLY: So you got my mom’s money….how much? How much? SAM: You know how much… KELLY: Your turn to pay…

Let me tell you something kid, Sam Lombardo attended the University of Miami on a scholarship, ‘boats’ didn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

LOMBARDO: Why don’t you give this idiot something to do?! Let him look into the Kennedy assasination!

man#1- hey man are you ok?
man#2- yeah.
man #1 then punches man #2

Maybe there’s no physical evidence because nothing happened. You want make-up there it is, she’s acting. Like she set it up to be alone with him so that he can come on to her..she’s upset because he didn’t.

Morning Ruby. I see you still got Walter. I was hoping something would eaten him by now…

my daughter does not get raped in blue bay!

My daughter…does NOT GET RAPED IN BLUE BAY!!

My mom was picking me up today but she’s not here, surprise-surprise. So I was wondering if…you could give me one. Mr. Lombardo, you really wouldn’t want me to walk, would you?

Never let the sun go down on an argument. Kiss & make up

people areny always what they appear to be dont forget that

See you at the club.

So let me guess, some boy didn’t call you and screwed up your whole weekend’re taking the day off!

The cheaper the lawyer, the higher the demand.

The ONLY thing I’m gonna miss in this dumb place

Three days ago these girls were throwing things at each other in court. They were acting! They were all acting! We bought it, hook, line, and sinker!

Where did you buy those shoes? in horse for less?

Where’s your hose?

you know its funny, thats one of the first things i noticed about you. you like to cruise…

You really think you can get one of these Blue Bay women to marry you? Grab a clue, hon. You’re a hired hand, you’re a good lay, that’s as far as it goes. Enjoy it, while it lasts!

You seem to find guns therapeutic…maybe I ought to try it.

You SKANKY BITCH! Get your fucking hands off me! Don’t you know who I am? I’m going to have you fired on Monday!!


You’re finished here, Lombardo. Take a hike. I don’t think you heard me- you’re finished here in Blue Bay. I find you around my daughter again, you’ll be finished period. Now get the fuck out of here.

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