Movie Quotes from Wild One, The: Quotes from the movie Wild One, The

(she)B.R.M.C.? What does that stand for? (he) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. (she)Oh ya, what are you rebelling against? (he) What do ua got.

–What are you rebelling against, Johnny?
–Whattaya got?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

I’ve been looking for you in every ditch, hopin’ you was dead.

My old man could hit harder than that.

My old man used to hit harder than that.

Nobody tells me what to do!

Oh, shame of it all. Call my mother Johnny. Tell her I’m in the can. Shame of it all.

Rebellious! Anti-social! This is the 50’s. You aint see nothing. Wait till the 60’s!

That Johnny is one hot looking stud. Oh ya, just wait. They get old and fat real fast.

That’s O.K. He doesn’t know how to say thank you.

Whattaya got?

Why are you arresting him? Frog face here, he started it.

Ya, I gleeped it. But I gleeped it from a guy who gleeped it too. He didn’t earn it either.

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