Movie Quotes from Wild America: Quotes from the movie Wild America

(gizmo on plane pedal gets loose and plane jerks) 1. What’s wrong? what’s wrong? 2. Leon, fly her! 1. I don’t know how! 2. Just keep the stick from moving! (Leon grabs it) 1. HELLLLLPPPP!(family car goes by plane)3. I don’t see him, ohmygosh, he fell out! 4. You’re right. 3. Ohhhh! 4. No, you’re right, I don’t see him.(Marshall fixes pedal and emerges laughing) 4. Wait, I see Marshall, he’s laughing and Leon too!
1. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! 5. No, Leon’s screaming!

(narrating) No matter how fast i ran or how far, I never got away, but i didn’t die, I wouldn’t give them the pleasure. This is my story, the story of how i made it, how i survived…my big brothers.

(narrating) we were two days into the high country and we hadn’t seen a single soul and when we did, we wish we didn’t.

(narrating)It wasn’t a fighter or anything, just an old army trainer, but me and Dad called it Skybolt. He picked her up for 300 bucks and a carburator for a 1952 Buick. Man, I loved to sit in her, I’d fly everywhere, see things noone ever seen before. Dad said my legs weren’t short, the pedals were just too far away.

(narrating)Just because the alligator man was a nut doesn’t believe that cave wasn’t real, or come hell or high water, but we were determined to find it.

1(narrating) We would go to sleep at the sound of Dad singing, it wasn’t really a lullaby.
2. (singing off-key)…get so dizzy they can’t fly, just smellin that good old Mountain Dew(continues to sing)butterflies in the sky get so dizzy they can’t fly, just smellin that good old Mountain Dew.(farts)

1. (narrating) They said this experiment would cure my fear of heights, i’m not sure i ever had a fear of heights, that is until they started putting me up here. They said it was for my own good. 2. This is for your own good!

1. Are you with the circus? 2. Well, actually, we’re filmmakers. 1. i hope you film better than you juggle! 3. Sarah had an acting part once. 2. Really? 3. Miss Devonshire Cream 1966, paid her 50 quid. 2. Show me. 3. Devonshire Cream, the creamiest cream(chuckles) 2. They paid you for that? 3. It’s not so easy, you try it with a camera in your face and a cow sniffn around your bum. 2. Show me again! 3. I’m a professional, I don’t work for free. 2. I’ll buy you a milkshake. 3. Get it to go!

1. Dad, i decided i’m gonna move out, go on the road and film animals. 2.(referring to wrench) three-quarters. 1. I figure i’ll pay off the camera, maybe sell it to TV. 2. You’re not going anywhere. 1. Yes,sir, I am.(long pause as dad gets up) 2. No, you’re not! 1. What’d you always tell us, Dad? Tell the truth, work hard, don’t be afraid of anything! Make your own opportunites! What’d you always tell us? That if we wanna go out and sell something, it damn well be somehing no one else has, animals! (Mark cuts in) 3. rare animals! 2. who asked you? 3. I’m going too! 1. He’s right, dad, people love animals, and we can get them on film. 3. People wanna see them before they’re gone, dad! 4. Eagles, snakes, fish, whatever’s getting killed off! 1,2,3.(together)Beat it! 1. That camera is a tool, we need an hour of film, we’re not coming back till we get it. 2. Mark has 2 years of school left, that gives you the rest of the summer, get outta here. 1. Yes, sir, 3. Yes, sir.

1. Get behind that rock! (bomb drops on rock) 1. Never mind this rock!

1. Look, the cave is real, Marty, i know that we can find it! 2. Mark, the guy was crazy. 3. Nuthin wrong with being a little crazy, hell, look at us!

1. Man, Stouffer, this piece of crap is never gonna be ready for Saturday! 2. Be there and find out, D.C. 1. You be there to watch me kick your butt! 3. Oh, yeah? That’d I like to see. 2. Marty says now that he’s graduating, he’s going to Africa to shoot big game like Ernie-Bob Hemingway. 1. Quit fooling yourself, Stouffer, you ain’t going nowhere! 4. I’ll try a sip of that. 1. Hey, Julieann, don’t waste your time with that root beer, girl, I got the good stuff right here. 3. It’s showtime.(movie starts) 5.(narrating)There are two movie theaters in Fort Smith, the starlight on Main Street and our garage. Everyone loved it, especially the dangerous ones, like when Marty skiied through the ring of fire.(movie effects) My favorite was when Mark tried to fly.(sound effects of Mark crashing on ground) 1. Hey, Mark, good thing you landed on your head! 5. (narrating)D.C loved it when someone got a good chance of getting hurt, when Mark blew me up.(sound effects of Marshall flying and hitting the ground) Even though they seen it a million times, they wanted to watch it over and over. It made Mark, Marty, and I feel kind of good. During the movie, Mark would practice his Romeo acts on Julieanne.

1. Name one thing uglier than these! 2. I can, clean hands and empty pockets! 2. Hey, dad, can i blow the air horn? 3. You can do it twice, squirt. (truck horn gives two long blasts)

1. Phil and me, we served in Korea, just fell in together! I tellin tales of gator hunting back home and Phil tellin tall tales about bears! 2.(pauses)What kind of tales about bears? 1.Crazy things, about a big cave where a bunch of them sleep together. 2. Did he say where this cave was? 1. Out West is all i know. 2. Where can we find this…Phil? 1. He’s in the house! 3. In the house? 1. Yeah, c’mon, c’mon in! Phil! A couple of years back, he came over looking for a pair of gator skin boots, Phil bear, where you be? Well, he didn’t just get a pair of gator skin boots, what he got was a whole danged GATOR SKIN SUIT!(points to bear head with half-eaten body)WHAA HAHAHAHAHAHA, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA!

1. Them bears ain’t dumb! They all fat and put up by now. 2. Well, we’re gonna find it, a cave full of bears. 1. No such thing, bears sleep alone. 2. No, it’s real, and we’re gonna find it. 1. Yeah, sure.(laughs) Gonna walk up and snap a picture of a sleepin bear, you do that, no ones ever gonna see it…or you either. You ever see a bear up close? You ain’t never wanna. 2. We’re not scared. 1. That’s cause you’re stupid! Out here chasin some wild-eyed dream. Supposin you find that cave and you want somethin, but you look that bear straight in the eye and you realize he wantin somethin too, you willing to pay the price? Head on up to Willing’s Peak and talk to old Carrie Stokes, she’ll tell ya about payin the price. 2. We’ll find that cave and anytime, mister, you can see it on TV. 1.(pauses) I ain’t got no TV. (starts to laugh and as others laugh too, he vanishes in thin air, his laughing ending up in the mountains.)

1. Thought you fellas would be the big guys supper tonight! 2. We almost were. 1. Well you lucky then ,all of a sudden, SPLASH, CHOMP! My buddy Phil, tell you a story about that. 3. Please, mister, no more stories.

1. Well, no wonder you won, Stouffer, my truck outweighs this thing by an easy 500 pounds.(places gocart down)2. You know what? You are one sorry loser, D.C. 1. you want to race fair? (takes hood off of truck and places it on ground) Drag this behind your car, that’ll be fair…with zero on it. 3. Don’t ever tell me what to do with my little brother, D.C…Marshall, get in the hood.

1. What do you say we go to New Orleans after,huh, have ourselves some fun? 2. Trip’s not about fun, Mark. 1. Well it’s not NOT about fun, either,is it? 1. I thought i saw something move, throw the bait out there.We gotta have one of these guys eatin something otherwise it’ll just look like a log.(meat is tossed and snagged onto a tree branch)1. Oh, shit! 2. What? Just throw some more. 1. There isn’t any more. 2.(looks)What? You mean you threw all the meat? 1. You just TOLD me to throw it! 2. No, I didn’t!

1. where’s all our troubles? 2. Out back, working. 1. What’s for dinner? 2. Fried chicken. 1. Fried chicken and what? 2. lima beans, canned ones you like, salad, peach pie for dessert. 1. Store-bought? 2. What do you take me for? (Marshall sees scene from door) Go clean up! I’ll try to stop those boys of yours from working long enough to get them to eat.(mom sees Marshall and opens door) 3. You said it was homemade! 2. I said, what do you take me for? You know what a white lie is? It’s when you tell something other than the truth just to make them feel good, besides with all the tobacco your father smokes, he won’t tell the difference of what you pay for and the real thing.(hands him pie plate) get rid of that.

1.(narrating) Leaving those girls was pretty hard for Mark. 2. Marty, we should have gone with him, I mean there’s plenty of animals in New York! 3. No,not the kind we’re after. 2. Speak for yourself.

1.(narrating) Marty’s favorite guy was Ernest Hemingway. He liked to think himself as a great hunter and explorer like Ernie-Bob. Mark’s favorite guy was…Mark. He liked to think himself as a man of action, and a handsome ladies man.(Mark makes kissy noises at pic of girl)As for me, I was a dreamer. Leon used to work with my dad in the Air Force and patch up fighter planes while my dad would go up and test them. 2.(cuts tractor engine and refers to cloud) blinkin dinosaur! 1. Rabbit lying down. 2. Could be a hoghead, big ol’ skunk, or a turtle, Chevy bumper, goldspud, no, definitely, a rabbit lyin down. How’s her wing comin? 1. I’m gonna fly with her someday, Leon. 2. You will too, Marshall, I believe you will, better go finish my chores, your daddy’s comin home tomorrow.

1.(narrating) Then another thing happened that night- Dad smiled. No one could have known it then but on April 6, 1977, the Predators aired on NBC narrated by Robert Redford.

1.(narrating) This time,we weren’t taking any chances, the sign said Alligator Sightings Guaranteed.
2.If y’all lose one piece of my equipment, you lose your deposit. And watch out for that big ol’ bastard out there, nighttime’s when he likes to feed, so i gave him my dog, ate him in one bite…and he came after me, I pulled my knife…(thrusts knife into wooden leg)3. Ow! 2. But he only got me leg, one solid muscle BIGGER THAN YOUR WHOLE BODY! ONE WHIP OF THAT THING AND THAT GATOR’S OUTTA THE WATER AND HIS TEETH ARE SUNKIN INTO YOU BEFORE YOU CAN SPIT!(hocks loogie into sign)

1.(narrating)Mom loved wild animals, we had a whole lot, in Fort Smith, we were known as the people you took them to! Of all the animals we took care of, my favorite was Leona, she’d broken her wing but with my help, i knew she could fly again.

Girl #1:Devinshire cream, the creamyest cream. Mark: They pain you for that? Girl #1:Its not easy ya know, with a camera in your face, and a cow sniffin round your bum!!!!

He pick her up for three hundred bucks and a carburetor for a 1952 Buick.

How’d she handle?

Marshall, get me down, I’m gonna throw up! TELL ME WHEN WE’RE HOME!

Marshall, you better not even think about dripping water through this house(pauses) YOU BOYS BEEN THROWING FIRECRACKERS IN THAT POOL AGAIN, I’M GONNA BEAT YOUR BUTTS TILL YOUR NOSE BLEEDS!

You scream? The bears attack. We all die.

[ bears are snarling and growling all around Mark, Marty and Marshall ]
Marshall: My uncle Bill’s got a still on the hill/that good ol’ Mountain Dew
Mark, Marty and Marshall: [ Together ] And the buzzards in the sky get so dizzy they can’t fly/just smellin’ that good ol’ Mountain Dew.
Marty: [ Under breath ] Don’t stop singing.
Mark, Marty and Marshall: [ Together ] They call it that ol’ Mountain Dew, Lord, Lord/and them that refuse it are few/I’ll hush up my mug if you fill up my jug/with that good ol’ Mountain Dew.
[ All fart, bears are asleep ]

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