Movie Quotes from Wide Awake: Quotes from the movie Wide Awake

1) Hey Josh, is today tomorrow? 2)No Frank, tomorrow’s tomorrow. Today’s today, and tomorrow’s tomorrow.

1) It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Rome is where the Vatacin and that’s where the Pope lives? 2) WHOOA! The pope lives there??

1)I’m goin on a mission, a real mission. 2)What kinda mission? 1)The kind where you’re looking for something, but you don’t know where to find it. 2)Whatcha gunna look for? 1)God. 2)God?!? What for?

1)Joshua, the pope is not God. 2) I know but he’s like his best friend.

Josh: That’s Frank, he sweats a lot.

Before this year, bullies were just bullies for no reason. Weirdos were just weird, and daredevils weren’t afraid of anything. Before this year people I loved lived forever.

CNN don’t lie.

I don’t remember about that day, I don’t remember who won, or how long I was on the ground… I do remember thinking this was the end, my grandpa would never see me run again. One of the last things I remember about my grandpa, was the way he stood at the finish line; waiting to say goodbye.

I think I’m having a biological reaction.

Is that your woman? She’s hot!

My name is Joshua A. Beal.

Shouldn’t he be on some kind of medication?

There’s still some magic, but it gets less and less every year. Maybe by the time I have a son, I won’t even remember the magic anymore.

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