Movie Quotes from Way We Were, The: Quotes from the movie Way We Were, The

–Go get ’em, Katie.
–See ya, Hubbell.

–I don’t know how you do it.
–I don’t know how you can’t

–I don’t see how you do it.
–I don’t know how you can’t.

–You never give up, do you?
–Only when I’m absolutely forced to.

-Look, Katie, I…
-Oh God. Please don’t start a sentence with ‘look’. It’s always bad

-Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were old? We’d have survived all this.
And everything would be easy and uncomplicated, the way it was when
we were young.
-Katie, it was never uncomplicated.
-But it was lovely, wasn’t it?
-Yes. It was lovely.

1)Random Student (singing): K-K-K-Katie, be my K-K-K-Komrade… 2)Katie: Ok-k-k-kay!!

Best year, 1945. No, ’45, ’46…

Commitment is part of you. Part of what makes you attrative, part of what attracted me to you.

Do you smile all the time?

Easy? Compared to what? The Hundred Years War?

Everything in the world than happens does not happen to you personally.

Frankie McVie you have a foot for dancing

Hubbell: You expect too much from me. Katie: Oh, but look what I’ve got.

I can’t be negative enough. I can’t get angry enough. And I can’t be positive enough.

I can’t come, Katie. I can’t.

I feel like I’ve been invited for drinks, and everyone else is staying for dinner.

In a way he was like the country

Katie, you’ll always be a good Jewish girl. Hubbell: and are you a good gentile boy?
Hubbel: I never was.

Katie: You’ll never find anyone who’s as good for you as I am
to believe in you as much as I do or love you as much.
Hubbel:I know that
Katie: Well then why?

Old Caroleann? Sorry buddy. She wasn’t much. It’s not like losing somebody. Like losing Katie.

The trouble with some people is they work too hard.

When you love somebody, you go deaf, dumb and blind.

Why did you have to go back to Beekman Place? > What’s wrong with us Katie, has nothing to do with another girl.

You do spell it ‘Hubbell’ for that guy who doesn’t know how to spell but is complaining that everyone else doesn’t.

You have a lovely girl Huble

You make fun of politicians. What else can you do with them?

You must have gotten one of the two copies sold.

You won’t find anyone as good for you, to believe in you as much as I do or love you as much.

Your girl is beautiful Hubbell.

your girl is lovely

Your girl is lovely Hubble. (everyone keeps spelling Hubble wrong. Does no one watch Sex and the City? take notes people)

Your girl is lovely, Hubbel.

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