Movie Quotes from Watership Down: Quotes from the movie Watership Down

1: Men have always hated us.
2: No. They just destroyed the warren because we were in their way.
3: They’ll never rest until they’ve spoiled the earth.

All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with a swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.

Bigwig: Great Frith, stop him, Hazel. The others are going tharn.
Hazel: Wake up. Fiver, wake up.
Fiver: There’s a dog loose in the wood. There’s a dog loose in the wood…

Bigwig: I told you once, I was trying to impress you. I hope I have.
General Woundwart: And I told you that I would kill you myself. There’s no white bird here, Bigwig.

Bright eyes.

Can you run now? I think not. I think… not.

Dandelion: If we meet again, Hazel-rah…we’ll have the makings of the best story ever.
Hazel: And you’ll be the one to tell it.

Frith: You needn’t worry about them. They’ll be all right…and thousands like them. If you’ll come along, I’ll show you what I mean…

General Woundwart: I’ll settle with you myself, Bigwig. No need to take you back…
Bigwig: Come on and try, you crack-brained slave driver!

Hazel: Well, he says there’s a bad danger coming to our warren. A bad danger.
Thoreau: How very upsetting.

I’ll blind him…I’ll blind him!

Now if you’ll excuse me – I hate the rain.

Run! Run for you lives!

Thats it, that’s the place for us.

The council were merciful..the council were merciful!

The fields…they’re covered with blood!

The Roodadoo, it runs on it.

There’s a dog loose in the woods.

You stupid Bunny!

You will be indentified, by your Mark!

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