Movie Quotes from Two Jakes, The: Quotes from the movie Two Jakes, The

–Does that mean he wants you to prove your own client is guilty of
–Well, is that ethical?
–Larry, he’s a lawyer.

–He’s a Jake, and I’m a Jake.
–Yeah. How about that? Two Jakes.

–Tell me how you got Katherine Mulwray to give you her land.
–She suggested it.

–What’s B and B Homes?
–You’re not thinking, Jake. B and B Homes. Bodine and Berman.

–What’s B and B Homes?
–You’re not thinknig, Jake. B and B Homes. Bodine and Berman.

–You are very successful.
–Oh, I can’t complain.
–Does that means you are happy?
–Who can answer that question off the top of their head?
–Anyone who’s happy.

A nothing emergency?

Berman got the gun from somewhere in the motel room and fired it.

Berman’s x-rays said more than a couple of missing words on a wire recording. What’s the difference who passes the sentence, a doctor or a judge?

But my lawyer said to be very specific.

Don’t smoke in bed.

Get pictures of everything, Larry.

Hand over the wire recording.

Hearing Katherine Mulwray’s name started me thinking about old secrets, family, property, and a guy doing his partner dirt.

I don’t wanna live in the past. I just don’t wanna lose it.

I prefer matches, thank you. I love the smell of sulfur.

I suppose it’s fair to say that infidelity made me what I am today.

I wouldn’t extort a nickel from my worst enemy. That’s where I draw
the line.

If one of them comes to me, it means they’re both miserable. And that’s my job; putting people out of their misery.

It never goes away.

Just remember, you have a fiduciary relationship with our client, Mr. Berman.

Katherine Mulwray can give Jake a real bad time, you know.

Most cops’ ethics are a little like the cars they drive – black and white.

Most cops’ ethics are a little like the cars they drive: black and white.

Mr. Rawley, I think you think there’s oil under the B and B subdivision, and I think you’re trying to get to whoever has the mineral rights.

Sometimes its best to follow the piece that doesn’t fit.

That’s oil. That’s what Rawley and Bodine have been after. They’re drilling under your subdivision to get it.

The name of the game is oil, John.

The problem with you, kid, is you don’t know who you’re kidding.

They don’t want Mexicans or Jews around. Let me tell you something else. The customer is always right.

This is Homicide. It ain’t your office.

Time changes things. Like the fruit stand that turns into a filling station. But the footprints and signs are everywhere. They’ve been fighting over this land ever since the first Spanish missionary showed the Indians the benefits of religion, horses, and a few years of forced labor. The Indians had it right all along. They respected ghosts.

We’re talking about Katherine Mulwray.

Well, apparently, she retains the mineral rights to the subdivision land. Uh, Mark…thought they might be valuable.

What can I say? Trashy publicity’s part of my business. The less you want the more you get!

What I do might not be reputable But I am. In this town I’m the leper with the most fingers.

You can follow the action, which gets you good pictures. You can follow your instincts, which will probably get you in trouble. Or,
you can follow the money, which nine times out of ten, will get you
closer to the truth.

You can’t fight the past any more than you can change it.

You can’t forget the past any more than you can change it.

You can’t trust a guy who’s never lost anything.

You know something, Jake, you might think you know what’s going on around here but…you don’t.

You might think you know what’s going on around here, but…you don’t.

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