Movie Quotes from Two Hands: Quotes from the movie Two Hands

jesus christ acco , get back in the fuckin car wally

you like the fliks , yeah , spose they don’t have em your way, yeah we have , do ya go , yeah a bit , fuck we should go some time

…and its a triple word score…

1) Give him your keys mate . 2) He’s not taking my fucking car . 1) He needs a car , Give him your fucking keys . 2) I just got the gear-box fixed . 1) Good , that means it fucking works .

1) We gonna get shotties? 2) yeah! You got a problem with shotties?
1) Nah Nah Shotties is cool. 2) Yeah mate, shotties are good…

1:ya know pando…heart disease is the leading cause of death to australians over the age of thirty, 2: Is that true? 1: yeah well that’s what they say!

If your going through some shit in your life chances are somebody else has gone through the same thing before ya. And they’ve written about it. Some poet or philosopher has been through the same type of crap, and they’ve written about it. And when you find that poem or piece of writing. You think bloody hell this bastard has just summed it all up. It’s kinda comforting. Know what I mean?

Jimmy) You giving me a shotgun? Wazza) Whats the matter, Don’t loke shotguns? Jimmy) No, shotguns fine. Wazza) Yeh, shotguns are fucking good mate.

Kiwi Bob’s no fuckin’ softie

Let’s fuck this puppy

Nah… Pando’s a good bloke!

Pando) I let one cunt off once, what was ‘is name again?
Wally) Robbo.
Pando) Yeah Robbo. I let him off and he went straight to the police I couldn’t fucking belive it, I mean what had I done to deserve this?


Something that’s good can still have a little bit of bad in it, and something that’s bad still has a little bit of good.

thats a great teradactile son.

This is gonna be a fuckin ripper!

Wally) Pando, your queens in deep shit. Acko) Shut your fucking mouth, Wally!

WAZZA. Well were laughin our fucken heads off aye.

Where’s that fucking Jimmy? Wasn’t he supposed to be here now?!

Ya don’t need a car radio do ya mate..
Na.. don’t have a car..
Uh Fair enough.

yeah… he was sittin there scratchin his balls n stuff

You loaded your gun with old fucking bullets you put through the fucking wash?!

you’s two are fuckin dead, na not you’s two

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