Movie Quotes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me: Quotes from the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

1)Bad news, kid, it was baby laxative.
2)What was?
1)The stuff we got last night.
2)Baby laxative? We can’t snort baby laxative.
1)No shit…(whispers)We killed a guy for baby laxative.
2)What is the world coming to when you kill a guy for baby laxative?

1)You know, I never told anybody, but once for about three days, just before her time, Teresa’s arm went completely dead.
2)What do you mean?
1)Her left arm. It was numb. She said she couldn’t use it. Said it had no feeling. Probably from the drugs she was taking.

1: Laura? Where are you going?
2: No place, fast. And you’re not coming.

Ayyy’ve got gootnews! That gum you like is goingto come back in styelll!

chugalug donna

Crushed skull. Probable cause repeated blows to the back of the head with an obtuse angled blunt object. Subject looks to be between 16 and 18 years of age.

Donna: Laura? Where are you going? Laura: No place, fast. And you’re not coming.

I am blank as a fart

I am the arm.. and I sound like this.. (makes Native American whooping sound..Woo woo woo woo)

I AM the muffin.

If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I’d be dead.

The man with the mask seeks the book with the pages torn out.

The owls are not what they seem…

Through the dark of futures past
the magician longs to see
one chance out between two worlds
fire, walk with me.

were not going to eat dinner until Laura goes and washes her hands.

When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out. The tender boughs of innocence burn first, and the wind rises, and then all goodness is in jeopardy.

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