Movie Quotes from Twilight: Quotes from the movie Twilight

‘There’s nothing that concentrates the mind like the prospect of death.’ Samuel Johnson.

(narrating) The back door was open, so I let myself in. (breaks window on door and unlocks it.)

–I can’t help but notice how familiar you’ve become with everything in this house.
–You know what I think? I think you’re right.

–I know I’ve been a pain in the ass.
–I don’t mind. I didn’t much like it when you shot me, though.

–People like you think you are entitled to all the things that you have.
–Do you think people like me care so much about things? Maybe people like you shouldn’t get close to people like me.

–The thing is we’re broke.
–No, I’m broke. You and Jack are overextended.

–Your prostate started acting up?
–Not yet.
–Something to look forward to.

1. How will I find you?
2. Big, blonde, mucho tits, mucho ass.

1. I’m glad no one shot your pecker off.
2. Me too.

All my life, I picked the losers.

Blues Stay Away From Me.

Don’t you ever get tired of all the beautiful people, Harry? Doesn’t
it ever bother you that they do whatever they want because there are
people like you and me who’ll clean up after them?

I also remember a movie your husband made. He shot twelve guys with a
six-shot revolver. I ain’t gonna argue with that kind of marksmanship.

I believe that life has worked out for you in ways that it doesn’t for most people.

I clean up messes, and I get paid for it.

In short, being Jack.

Jack Ames couldn’t get blood out of a sock with a box of Clorox. Me,
I can get blood out of a sock.

Jack: You still in love with my wife Harry? She’s easy to fall in love with.

Let’s face it, there’s them and there’s us.

My name is Harry Ross and here’s the way my life has gone: First, I was a cop, then a private detective, and then a drunk. Also in there somewhere a husband and a father.

One thing you can count on if you’re a P.I. is that any time a clinet says, ‘You don’t need to carry a gun,’ that’s when you ought to bring two.

P.M. Country Blues.

Tea Room.

Yeah, looks like we all run of luck in the end.

You haven’t said you’re sorry.

You think you’re a member of this family, but you’re not. You’re just
the hired help.

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