Movie Quotes from Trouble with Angels, The: Quotes from the movie Trouble with Angels, The

1) Binders! 2) Brassieres.

1. A child your age smoking! 2. I’m not a child, madame. I’m a midget with bad habits.

1. But I don’t know anything about…binders! 2. Brassiers, sister. Brassiers.

1. Evidently Sister Ursula’s German accent amuses you. 2. I didn’t know she was German.

1. Get rid of the bird’s nest. Not that one. That one.

1. Kim Novack? 2. I like it. 1.So do I. But I’m stuck with Mary Clancey.

1. Out! Out with your chest! 2. It’s as out as it’ll go!

1. Very imaginative, Charlotte. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very imaginative.

1. Well, what do you have to say for yourselves? 2.It was my idea. 1. I’m sure. 3.I helped. 1.Unquestionably.

1. Won’t she miss it? 2. No she never takes a bath.

Don’t run, Sister, walk!

For two cents I’d send you to San Quentin myself.

Hey, that nutty swan looks just like Sister Elizabeth.

How’s the water, sister?

I have a scathingly brilliant idea!

i have the most scathingly brilliant idea!

i hope i die young- and very wealthy.

I would work on your brass. It’s quite awful.

I’m not a child, madam. I’m a migit with bad habit.

Mother Superior is stifeling my creative flow.

Rachel? Well, Rachel has a home and parents who love her. She’s a follower, not a leader. She can be guided. But, Mary… oh, Mary has a will of iron. To bend but not to break… to yield but not capitulate… to have pride but also humility. This has always been my struggle, Sister. Can I be less tolerant of Mary than the church has been of me?

Sandy Beaches, Pearl Ring, Fleur De Lee, and Kim Novack.

She should have been a bookie!

Talent is desirable, but not essential.

Tell mr.petrie..that mother superior is styfling your creative flow!

The price of the eclairs has been raised to fifty cents.(Everyone groans) I knew you’d all be pleased.

This may come as something of a suprise to you, but smoking, drinking, and similar extra curicular activities are not permitted at St. Francis.

Too bad they didn’t have a need for a silent piano

Vivtim! Rescuer! Victim! Rescuer!

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