Movie Quotes from Troop Beverly Hills: Quotes from the movie Troop Beverly Hills

#1 throw me a lifesaver. (while drowning) #2 Butterscotch or Spearmint?

(Robin Leach) It’s Kaki wishes,and cookie dreams.

… and we don’t go around ‘tossing’ our leaders out on their butts.

…left to be ravaged by lonely mountain men. Really lonely mountain men.

1) 56 hundred.
2)You know, there’s a bead missing.
1) I can give it to ya for five thousand.
2) I’ll take it!

1) It’s not that bad.
2) Not that bad?!? Except the color’s wrong, the collar’s wrong, the material’s a nightmare from hell. It’s cut badly, it itches, and it’s not me. But all of that can be fixed.

1. I’ve lost my will to shop. 2. Phylis, that’s not funny.

1. It’s just Lisa, dad’s real estate agent. 2. At midnight!? It must be a real hot listing!

1. Oh Rosa, don’t cry! 2. I don’t want you two to split up! 3. I told you not to mention the divorce in front of Rosa!

1. What about the PTA? 2. You quit! 1.Well, that’s because I thought hands across America was more important. 2.I rest my case!

1. Where are you guys from, Mars? 2. Worse. Beverly Hills.

1. You didn’t call Beverly Hills. 2. (in a mocking voice) Beverly Hills.
1. 1000 boxes! 2. Whooo…

1. You’re bluffing. 2.Wilderness girls DON’T bluff.

1.What is this a pajama party? Is this what you call roughing it?
2. One bathroom for 9 people, yes.

1: Thank you, Phil Donohue!

2: I saw it on Oprah!

A box of them would be so niiiiice.
Buy some!
Even if it’s twice the price…
Try some!

Annie Herman, boi-oi-oing!!

Annie Herman, BOY-YOY-YOING!

Attention K-Mart shoppers, blue light special, aisle 13 – cookies.

aw chica barnfield, our first arrival

Aww, uniforms are sick!

C’mon down, c’mon down it’s cookie ti-ime, it’s cookie time, it’s cookie time!

Daddy, my therapist would say, ‘You’re clearly blocking reality.’

Do rattlesnakes live in swamps!!!???

Do you know the Muffler Man, Muffler Man, Muffler Man. Do you know the Muffler Man, Nephler is his name.?

Do you have a question or are you drying your nails?

excuse me officer tess dont your to modest dad dont you know who this man is this man is the man who put the space in spencers teeth the man who knocked the crown on hectors jaw hes the best hes the greatest hes james the jackhammer shaka now daddy shake the mans hand and less be on our way

Excuse me officer, do you know who this man is? (Cool it Jasmine) You’re too modest daddy. This is the man who put the space in springston’s teeth. The man who knocked the hat of hatler’s head. He’s the best, he’s the greatest, he’s MY daddy. James the Jackhammer Shackon. Now daddy, shake the man’s hand and let’s be on our way.

Excuse me officer, don’t you know who this man is!? This is the man who put the space in spencer’s teeth. This is the man who knocked the hat off hitler’s head, he’s the best, he’s the greatest, he’s MY dad, James the Jackhammer Shaka! Now Daddy, shake the man’s hand and let’s be on our way!
Oh sir can i have your autograph?
Not on that thing you won’t.

Get me another bottle of Evian!

Have your fun now, Phyllis, but when it’s all over, you’re gonna be shopping at Pic N Save


I earn the money, my partner she spends it!

I have a black belt in shopping.

I was not spying on your dad! I was checking my azalias.

I’m sure it’s nice to live in the woods and eat bark

It was a cold and rainy day in March. I went to Kristoff’s where I usually get my hair done. But Kristoff wasn’t there. He had mysteriously disappeared. In his place was a stranger named Rinaldo. I’ll never forget him. His eyes were steely gray. His hands were like ice. He said ‘I’ll streak your hair and I’ll give you a body wave.’ He worked very fast and then, as he turned my chair around to face the mirror…I saw it…HE PERMED ME!

It’s khaki wishes and cookie dreams!

Long hair, skinny legs, big boobs?

Look at me Hannah, I’m your mother

Make It Big.

Never go to Reno, girls. The California community property laws cannot be beat.

Nix the mom business.

Throw me a lifesaver!…Butterscotch or WINTERGREEN?

We don’t need no stinkin’ patches!

Wilderness girls don’t bluff.

You can’t put wine in hobo stew!

You little slut. Your next stop is K-mart!

You’ll be back at K-mart selling yarnballs

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