Movie Quotes from Tremors 2 Aftershocks: Quotes from the movie Tremors 2 Aftershocks

(howl)1. is that a coyote? 2. yeah 1. he better keep quiet (howl, monster roar then quiet) 2. yep

1.doesnt anything seem to get you down 2.well, i am blessed with a sunny disposition, people seem to like it

1.hey theres pedro 2.he stopped 1.maybe hes takin a leak (time passes)2.thats a long leak

Burt – A few household chemicals mixed in the right porportions

Burt – I feel I was denied, critical need to know information!

Doing what I can with what I got.

Earl: Burt waht happened!

Burt: Well, after continuos trys to locate you guys on the radio.. I decided to head back to base.. and there I find, an ambush. I am.. completley…out..of ammo! Thats never happened to me before.

Earl: Damn Burt, you put a whole different meaning on the word overkill.

Burt: When you need it, and you dont have it, you sing a different tune.

Earl: Man this stuff tastes like toilette paper!

Grady: Earl, that is the toilette paper.

Grady: Wait a minute… It’s movin’ away from us. It must be somethin’ else.

Earl: Like what? A giant prairie dog?

i am completely out of amo…thats never happened before

I blew it all on damn big bird and his scrawny girlfriend

I feel I was denied, critical need to know information!

it’s gonna be BIG ! yeah but is it gonna be TODAY?

memo…four pounds of c4 may be a little…excessive

Probably ate someone that didn’t agree with it.

That’s cold, Earl.

That’s no Graboid. That’s somethin more dangerous.

The federales offer you anything you want and you take ONE case of dynamite?

This MRE tastes like toilet paper. Earl, that is the toilet paper.

Val married a good woman, why would he want to die?!

Well I’m sorry, it looked like a damn finished building to me!

Well, we did kinda blow up their factory

What do mean you’re out of ammo, did you check all your pockets?

Who’d be crazy enough to want to help us with this mess?

You know, Gradie, most people seems to think I’m parinoid; crazy. But they never met any precambrian life forms, have they..

you know, she blames all of our problems on the collapse of the soviet union

you mean they’re so smart because they’re so dumb?

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