Movie Quotes from Train, The: Quotes from the movie Train, The

–I don’t like it.
–Who does?
–I mean the art train. If the Germans want it so much, maybe we should do something.

–I knew of books being burned, other things. I was terrified that these would be lost.
–A book is worth a few francs. We Germans can afford to destroy
those. We all may not appreciate artistic merit, but cash value is
another matter.
–You won’t convince me that you’re cynical. I know what these paintings mean to you.
–You are a perceptive woman.

–Right after dawn, all switching tracks and trains will be bombed. The art train is not to be destroyed. Orders are to mark it so that the planes will pass it up.
–Mark it?
–White paint. On top of the first three cars. London has decided the paintings must not be damaged.

–Thank you.
–I don’t want your thanks. If they’d caught me helping you, I would
have been shot.
–I know. I’m sorry.
–You think you can just run in and out of here and make trouble? I run a hotel, not a madhouse. Who’s going to pay for the door? Who’s going to pay for the lock? Do you think money grows on trees?
–There’s a war.
–You talk about the war. I talk about what it costs!
–I’ll be leaving in a few hours. You can go back to your good customers.
–They pay. That’s what I’m in business for.
–You should be paid. How much for the damage?
–One hundred francs.
–How much for saving my life?

–We’re removing the paintings. Pack them carefully.
–Where are you taking them?
–To a safe place.
–But no place is as safe as Paris!

–With luck, no one will be hurt.
–No one’s ever hurt. Just dead.
–Paul, uh, have you ever seen any of those paintings on that train?
I haven’t You know, when it’s over, I think maybe we should take a look, hmm?

A painting means as much to you as pearls to an ape.

All von Runstedt can lose is men. This train is more valuable.

Do you know what’s in that train? The national heritage! The pride of France!…Crazy, isn’t it?

Hurry it up! You’re working on a locomotive, not a pocket watch.

I run a hotel, not a madhouse.

I’m a railroad man, not a prophet.

I’m sorry, Mademoiselle. We can’t help you.

I’m too old to be careful.

Labiche! Here’s your prize, Labiche. Some of the greatest paintings in the world. Does it please you, Labiche? Give you a sense of excitement in just being near them? A painting means as much to you as a string of pearls to an ape. You won by sheer luck. You stopped me without knowing what you were doing or why. You are nothing, Labiche. A lump of flesh. The painitings are mine. They always will
be. Beauty belongs to the man who can appreciate it. They will always belong to me or to a man like me. Now, this minute, you couldn’t tell me why you did what you did.

Men want to be heroes, and their widows mourn.

Money is a weapon. The contents of that train are as negitible as gold, and more valuable.

The paint, Herren. It’s a signal.

This is a hell of a mess you’ve got here. We’re doing the best we can.

We have lost, Colonel. It’s hopeless. Look at those men…a defected army.

We started with eighteen. Like your paintings, Mademoiselle, we couldn’t replace them. For certain things we take the risk, but I
won’t waste lives on paintings.

Where are the Allies?

Where the hell are the Allies? What are they taking, the tourist route to Paris?

You can’t get through because the switch is set wrong!

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