Movie Quotes from Toy Soldiers: Quotes from the movie Toy Soldiers

–What does your father do, William?
–He’s a contractor.

Billy: We’ve gotta strike back or I’m going to look like a douche bag in front of the entire school.
Joey: Billy, You were born looking like a douche bag.

Billy: The school gets taken over by terriosts and I am still on pots and pans!

Cali: What does your father do, William?
Billy: He’s a contractor.
Cali: According to this he owns the third largest construction company in the world.
Billy: Yeah, he’s a contractor.

Don’t be a wuss.

geez yogurt you think we were going to defuse a bomb or somthing…….that was a joke yogurt lighten up!

I’m not going to expel you.

I’m on pots and pans.

im sorry

Terrorist–Poss and Pans?? What’s poss and pans? Billy–No, no, pots and pans. When they wanna give a kid an really awful job they give them pots and pans.

What the hell do you mean the reverse is also true?

You really have no sense of discipline do you?

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