Movie Quotes from Toxic Avenger, The: Quotes from the movie Toxic Avenger, The

#1) Hey man, how ’bout some nice young poon tang, huh?
#2) You said you were going to take me to the David Bowie concert. He’s not David Bowie!
#1) Only 12 years old and only 12 dollars.

#1) Did you see her face when I punched her?
#2) Beat that ‘ol lady like a dog!

#1) How about meeting in the girl’s locker room?
#2) Girl’s Locker room? Okay.
#1) Great! Say 7:00?
#2) Okay, that’ll be good for me too, cause I gotta clean the toilets up there anyway around that time.

(1)Well, I gotta get up early in the mornin’. Gotta go to church.
(2, 3 and 4)Ohhh.

A Film Full Of Unnecessary Sex And Violence.

A little mother, with a littler baby. You like mexican food little baby? Well, how’d you like these hot tamales shoved down your throat?!

Always did wanna cornhole me a blind bitch!

Dumb mop boy, he can’t even mop right.

Have I got a plan that’ll fix that mop-boy’s wagon.

He’s stressin’ me Julie, he’s stressin’ me!

I always did want to cornhole a blind bitch!

I am not an animal! I am Melvin the Mop-boy!

I gotta drive, Slug!

I love the sound of breaking bones.

I’ll get you for this you monster faggot!

If he don’t take the dough, I’m gonna give him a blow!

Let me see if I can remember the list. Now, Jews, Wops, Niggers and Chinks, they’re all worth 25 points. But Puerto Ricans, there worth 30 points. Now, kids under 12, they’re worth double points.

Let me see if I can remember the list. Now Jews, Wops, Niggers and Chinks, they’re all worth twenty-five points. But Puerto Ricans, they’re worth thirty points. Now, kids under twelve, they’re worth double points.

Let this be a lesson to ya hot ass!

Look, Frank. Teenie Boppers. You like games Teenie Boppers? You Mom’s give you quarters for video games? Well, cough ’em up!

Mops? Must be some kind of political statement.

My little Melvin. He must have finally hit puberty.

Now we’re gonna give you six new assholes. Compliments of me! Cigar-face!

So the next time your in danger or in need of help, look to the horizon and maybe, just maybe, the Toxic Avenger will be there.

That’s where your wrong. You’re wasting our time. Now we’re going to waste you!

The next time you fuck with me I’m gonna take this mop and shove it down your throat.

The only other clue were those mops stuffed in their mouths.

This guy is screwin’ up my karma!

When we this wad on O’Clancy, the boss is gonna have him by the balls!

You fat slob, let’s see if ya got any guts!

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