Movie Quotes from Topaz: Quotes from the movie Topaz

–Diplomats’ wives should not talk.
–All wives talk.

–Who could they have been?
–Messengers from Columbine, the head of Topaz.

–Who is it?
–Your secretary.
–Yes, Peggy, what is it?

–Why does he hate Americans?
–I was told he lost a son at the Bay of Pigs.

A high Russian intelligence official has defected to the Americans.

Have the Russians brought offensive weapons into Cuba?

I’ve been shot…Just a little.

Oh, the Cubans. I love the Cubans. They are so wild!

The journey from which no traveler ever returns.

There are no color barriers in Cuba. We are a free and democratic nation.

They must be raising hell in Moscow today.

Topaz as a code word?

You know, I’ve often wondered why that lethal weapon has such a place of honor on your wall.

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